BFFs of the Week

BFF of the Week

Remember in When Harry Met Sally when Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan discuss whether or not women can actually be friends? Of course you do! Everyone remembers that. I think about that a lot because I have a lot of guy friends – a lot of good guy friends. A lot of my girlfriends don’t understand how I can possibly have such close male friends around me and it not be anything more than friendship. These  girls tend to be in relationships/married and maybe just aren’t allowed. Who knows?

Well, maybe I just don’t want to be more than friends. Maybe the male friends don’t want to be with me. Either way, sometimes us girls need to admit that our guy friends really are just the best. My guy best friend is movie critic and sports nut-bag Ben Lyons and he is the greatest man/child in the world. I sometimes worry that Ben is the only male not in my immediately family that will ever love me. Ben would literally stab someone for me. He wouldn’t kill for me, though, because he isn’t a terrible person.

Having a guy BFF is really the best: they tell you the truth almost always, even if it’s too honest. Ben will always tell me when I am acting desperate with boys which is super important! Girlfriends tend to be too kind in this area. All of my friends and family tell me that I should marry Ben and that always makes me super proud but also super annoyed. Why can’t a girl and guy have a brother/sister relationship or, as I like to call us, the straight Will & Grace? I hope everyone gets to experience what it’s like to have a guy best friend who insists that you want to hear about the Knicks draft, but also is willing to discuss the loss of Oprah with you. That’s love guys.

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