VideosBFFs Jill and Kate Created A Song For ‘Nick + Jess' #NewGirlBlaire Bercy

Our favorite TV couple Nick and Jess inspired these musical best friends to write an amazing love song all about their relationship and how it has played out so far on New Girl (Fox, Tues 9PM).

For more music from J&K, check out their channel.

If you want to sing along:
Nick + Jess

You like your whiskey old and neat
I don’t mind cheap wine
You don’t dare to start an argument
I need to fight to feel alive

But I think you might be (3x)
Just right for me

Your shelves are filled with books and you’ve read them all
Takes me a year to finish one
You could settle down in just one place
Me I’m always on the run

But I think you might be (3x)
Just right for me

You could talk for hours
I’d rather sing
But we get caught up in each other
And I’ll admit
When your hand touches mine my heart just sinks
And I can’t help but think

That you might be

I think you might be (3x)
Just right for me

(c) Jill and Kate, 2014.


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