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As you may or may not know, HelloGiggles’ very own Shelby Fero has just started her freshman year of college, and, well, she’s having trouble making friends. So we cleaned her up (literally – we found her on the street one night covered in dust and lint), gave her a microphone, and sent her to the premiere of Our Idiot Brother to find her new BFF. The results were… well… take a look.

Our Idiot Brother is out today, so go see it and tell us what you think!



  • Nathan Schulz

    Just play them off each other, Fero. The “Best” title should be ever-evolving and easily swayed.

  • Sara Mitchell

    So very entertaining, Shelby!

  • Laura Mendez

    I couldn’t stop laughing…. btw, I’d go with Paul… just saying…

  • Victoria Partyhatt Lie

    Shelby, you are a freshmen in college? Meaning you were born in ’93? I am blown away. As Brian said: your future is bright ans shining!

  • Shelby Fero

    you guys are very sweet to not only put up with me for 3 minutes of video but to also take the time to then say nice things to me.I wish you all A THOUSAND WISHES

  • Nolan Murphy Whitehead

    I would like to be your friend. I don’t think I’d earn the title of bff, but I think we’d get along.

  • Kyle Main

    Awesome interviews! People say they “lol” all the time, but I totally laughed out loud, you’re amazing Shelby!

  • Brian Davey

    While watching this video I almost went blind from how bright Shelby Fero’s future is. I would have watched it again but I love the internet and I’m not sure if blind people can use the internet. Can blind people use the internet? They can’t use a mouse. I’m sure they can still use twitter. Anyway Shelby seems great.

  • Leah Oman

    the microphone to the dogs face was just gravy, laughed so hard!

  • Sarah Ann Rogers

    I love this so much. Busy Phillips is hilarous!

  • Kim Mansur

    Okay, I have no words to describe how much I love this.

  • Allison Elle

    Olivia Munn seemed a little stand-offish, right?

  • Molly McAleer

    I can’t deal with you touching my longtime dream boyfriend Paul Rudd or how well you handled this. Awesome video, Shelbz.

  • Ana Marie


  • Erika Turner

    Haha, and that’s why I love Elizabeth Banks. Too funny!

  • Karoline Onsrud

    I could be your BFF. I’m not famous though..

  • Mario Carneiro Neto

    Nice job, Shelby. If I were you I would’ve chosen David Wain. The importance of his willingness to bring the squash balls is not to be underestimated. If I were me I’d go with Janet.

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