BFF UStream with Sophia Rossi – Live tonight!

Come listen to my BFF chat tonight at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST! I may or not have a guest, not because it’s a surprise but just because I just really won’t know.

Send me any questions you have regarding friendship!

Do you have a childhood friend you just can’t break? Do you want to do something special for your BFF over the holidays?

And don’t forget to check out last week’s post below:

  • Eric Rangel

    Yehaw! Sophia is a very funny gal!

  • Amparo Paredes Mellado

    So I was watching last week’s chat and my dad came into my room and asked me who was I skyping with… I managed to convince him you were my friends. (I wish)

    • Samantha Page

      I know! the same happend to me , and at the of of the conversation I was like “i wish, great job though”

  • Kevin Gill

    So since zooey is one of your best friends, do me a favor and ask if she would be my plus 1 to a wedding this summer? I know mila kunis went to a marine ball

  • Q’sÜÜr JÖe ÄrmstrÖng

    knock knock! Who’s there?

  • Glenn Quitugua

    I agree with Zooey on having a coworker as a best friend.My supervisor and manager @ General Cigar are my best friends.Zooey is also right that it is a win-win thing. We don’t treat each other in any special way @ work.Its strictly business, but we have the best and memorable times during our off-hours.

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