Best Friends Rights & Responsibilities Contest

When my publisher posted an excerpt from my book back in May, one thing I heard a lot about was a piece I wrote called “Best Friend Rights and Responsibilities”.

(I know, I know, know sharing a bed is not for every set of friends, and you can skip this if your best friend snores or has night time rituals with ointments that smell strange or pharmaceutically).

So, we thought we’d open up the floor, what are rights, rules, regulations, responsibilities you would send to your best friends? What does that special someone deserve? For those of you who did not check it out the first time you can find an extended audio version of me reading them here.

(Warning: like every human except Terry Gross or Carl Castle, I detest the sound of my own voice. However, some have known to find it pleasing. Maybe if you squint you may think “ahh, the anesthetizing lilt of an 11-year old girl!”)

Post your rights, rules, responsibilities, et cetera now through Monday, October 10th in the comments on my new blog, The Concerns Of Mindy Kaling.

The best of the best? They win a free signed copy of my book. Show your best friend some love. Along with your rules, make sure to share our Best Friends rules with this Tweet:

Check out @MindyKaling & me’s #BFFrights! Post your rules for a chance to win a signed copy of her new book!

Can’t wait to see your rules!

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