BFF Playlist with Sophia

Friendship can be found in all shapes, sizes and unlikely duos. Watch HelloGiggles co-founder Sophia Rossi treat you to some of the best besties videos from YouTube. Grab your BFF and enjoy together!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Nicole.I wrote you a few weeks ago about the Robin Long workshop. I am one of Kelli’s 2011 sirpng alums. Wish I could attend Robin’s workshop but it now looks like I will be in LA that week. I am taking Kelley Ryden’s workshop in a few weeks though.These are fantastic shots. Mind sharing the lens you used and what actions you are working with? If it’s easier you can email me instead of posting. Also, as I think you know I am based out of Hartford. I am looking for a location down south to meet a friend from NY for a shoot. Mind sharing your some locations in the fairfield area that I may be able to meet them at? I understand if you would rather keep them under wraps.

  • Anonymous

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  • Krislyn Hyatt

    Oh my goodness! There is so much cuteness radiating from this playlist that I almost can’t handle it! Almost. I think it may actually be physically impossible to not smile while watching these! I will definitely be sharing this with my friends.

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