BFFs of the Week

BFF Of The Week

I met Sarah Bates the week before kindergarten. We were just out of pre-school and ready to take on the world. She and I lived in the same neighborhood, so what started as a business arrangement carpool between our parents quickly turned to an infinite best-friendship between us kids.

Sarah, even at age 5, was incredibly cool and incredibly creative. She never stopped making things, doing things and straight up acting like it was no big deal. I always admired her subtlety and her unfaltering cool. She always seemed to know what to do.

I vividly remember that we pretended we were ponies at least 50% of the time. Like everything else she did, Sarah did an amazing impression of a pony. Like four stars, guys! She could canter like nobody’s business.

In high school, we would hang out at the mall together, taking pictures in the photo booth and talking about all the things we were going to do when we got older. We didn’t understand at the time that anything we did – like, I mean anything – would be a step up from being 15 and hanging out by hot-dog-on-a-stick while looking at our purchases from Wet Seal.

When I see Sarah, I feel like we are 5 years old again and I am still so excited that I get to be her friend. I am so proud of her and the person she has become, because she was delightful in kindergarten but she’s even more delightful now!

I am very fortunate to call her my BFF.

Check out Sarah Bates’ HelloGiggles posts here!

  • Ana Herco

    Oh my gosh Zooey you are too adorable here!! How old were you here? 😀

  • Holly McDonald

    My childhood BFF and I played ponies all. the. time. We had corresponding My Little Ponies who lived out our pony lives while we were doing other things.
    Cute pictures and story!

  • Nancy Phillips Newman

    awwwwwwwwwwww sweet!!!
    i dont have such a long time friend… but is so amazing the way u can described everything and I got the feeling that SARAH is ACTUALLY super cool and I want to be her friend! 😀

  • Sarah May Bates

    Awwwwwwwe I love this!!! Thanks Zoey!!!! :)
    Awesome shout out to my canter!

  • Ashley Bates

    My last name is “Bates!” — We must be related.

  • Donna Boucher

    My best friend and I were horses, too. We were Wind and Windy. We took turns being the fastest runner and highest jumper. We also made each other laugh so hard we regularly wet our pants!

  • Kimberly Hawkins

    I love old friends! My friend Kayla has been my friend since Kindergarten. Those are the best buds around. I can’t believe I’ve had a friend for 21 years! We still joke about my sixth birthday when she came over for my party and my cat stole her hot dog, and when her big sister burnt the crap out of my forehead with a curling iron while we were playing “Beauty Shop”. Awww…good times! :-)

  • Jenny Lonussen

    Super cute pictures and article, she sounds like a great BFF to have. You both do, because anyone who can describe a friendship that beautifully and vividly has got to be an awesome friend. :-)

  • Rebekah Kibodeaux

    I’ve been besties with my BFF since 5th grade. I love friends.

  • Thais Mendes

    Wow, I used to play of being all kinds of animals as a kid xD.
    My bff is slightly new, but I know she’ll be my bestie for life >w<

  • Beth Curry

    My best friend and I were always lions. We were the best lions ever, seriously. We’ve been best friends since we were about 9, and the amount of times we’ve been mistaken as boyfriend-girlfriend is shocking haha.

  • Lauren Cherie Lagrone

    So cute!

  • Wini Lo

    my childhood best friend and i also pretending to be horses. most of the time though, we were bunnies!

  • Tina Lynn

    this was ADORABLE makes me reminese about my bff!

  • Andrea Maramara

    aww so sweet :3 is like me and my bestie!!!

  • Pao M’ Cisneros

    That was super sweet, me and my best friend met when we were 3, well..that’s what our parents say, I’m 20 now, and reading your story made me think about all the things we have shared in this 17 years.
    You guys are so lucky :)
    PD: the pictures are lovely!

  • Jerry Dennis

    Very nice.

  • molls

    You two were abnormally gorgeous teenagers.

  • Xanthe Hohalek

    Great little article Zooey… I might have to wrestle you for Miss Sarah May!!

    • Sarah May Bates

      I’d like to sit front row for that.

  • Marianna

    Wow, it took me forever to realize that is Zooey! How did the big blue eyes not tip me off? I’m so slow.

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