BFFs of the Week

BFF Of The Week

I met Sarah Bates the week before kindergarten. We were just out of pre-school and ready to take on the world. She and I lived in the same neighborhood, so what started as a business arrangement carpool between our parents quickly turned to an infinite best-friendship between us kids.

Sarah, even at age 5, was incredibly cool and incredibly creative. She never stopped making things, doing things and straight up acting like it was no big deal. I always admired her subtlety and her unfaltering cool. She always seemed to know what to do.

I vividly remember that we pretended we were ponies at least 50% of the time. Like everything else she did, Sarah did an amazing impression of a pony. Like four stars, guys! She could canter like nobody’s business.

In high school, we would hang out at the mall together, taking pictures in the photo booth and talking about all the things we were going to do when we got older. We didn’t understand at the time that anything we did – like, I mean anything – would be a step up from being 15 and hanging out by hot-dog-on-a-stick while looking at our purchases from Wet Seal.

When I see Sarah, I feel like we are 5 years old again and I am still so excited that I get to be her friend. I am so proud of her and the person she has become, because she was delightful in kindergarten but she’s even more delightful now!

I am very fortunate to call her my BFF.

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