BFFs of the Week

BFF OF THE WEEK: Mindy Kaling


1. Mindy and I both love sleepovers. This is really important with a BFF. You need to be able to watch TV, chit chat and then suddenly just fall asleep. No big “good nights” are necessary.

2. Mindy loves fashion so much that I think it pains her to see some people not care about it. She tries to give me these really fancy romper-like outfits that she “just happens” to have lying around with tags on them, in my size. She believes that I can look cute in a boyfriend blazer and studded boots. It’s great to have a best friend who can see the potential in you to try something that may make you feel like you’re out of your element. Great friends will try to talk you into things they feel are good and new for you.

3. MINDY IS MY FAVORITE WRITER! I am not screaming at you, I am just being serious. I get serious when I need my point to come across, ya know? Her writing is funny, sensitive and makes people feel at home. Mindy’s book is so important to me that it feels as if my heart opened up and spilled all over it because I love it that much. Who wouldn’t want her as their BFF after reading her book? You can find it here.

4. Mindy and I don’t simply just grab lunch or get coffee. We like to have lengthy play dates filled with hours and hours of Beyonce Internet research while eating the latest gluten free craze. Being able to spend that much time with someone is something I value more and more as an adult. I remember as kids, our parents basically threw us to the wolves while at other kids’ houses for long play dates, but now I get to choose them.

5. We have the same favorite all-time movie: You’ve Got Mail. I pretty much knew she was my friend and soul mate after I found out this was her favorite movie. “I would send you a bouquet of newly-sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.” COULD THAT BE ANYMORE ROMANTIC?

I love you Mindy, more and more each day. Thank you for being a great friend, sister and mentor.
image via Sophia Rossi

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