BFFs of the Week

BFF Of The Week

I realized this week that I forgot to write my BFF of the week post last week. Does that mean I didn’t love someone last week? Nope, just got busy enjoying the last few days of summer. (Who am I kidding?  I was working on HelloGiggles stuff and sipping on some iced green tea.) Enough about me, let me tell you about this week’s BFF of the week, Tavi Gavinson. Tavi recently launched the teen website Rookie and it’s just amazing – and not how the Kardashians use the word amazing, actually amazing.

Another thing that is less important is that Tavi is 15 years old. Now, don’t let that number fool you, because Tavi is a woman – a woman with style and values that make me proud to be her big sister. For the past few years I have been following her blog stylerookie and found myself actually interested in fashion. Tavi convinced me to accept fashion in my life and I can’t even imagine what that must mean to her (nothing) because she has endless amounts of fans and love.

This BFF letter to you, Tavi, is for you to know how much you mean to us at HelloGiggles. You have been a muse and inspiration for quite sometime but now you are even more than that to us, you are our family. After mutual HelloGiggles friend Kiwi introduced us, I was sure I was going to quit it all and go back to school like in Never Been Kissed but instead my goal would have been Never Had a Cool Friend Like Tavi and of course you and I would be the stars. But alas, you have to finish school and be the coolest girl I know. I am grateful for your constant advice and input on our website and enjoy seeing how that brain of yours works. I would cut someone’s face for you and I hate violence. I also didn’t specify – I would scratch the hell out of them.

Rookie launched just this Sept 6th and already it’s an Internet favorite. Their posting schedule is the first clue on how terrific this site is. Rookie posts after school, after dinner and before bed. I mean… the fact that they are sensitive to their demographic’s school schedule is just enough to make me want to be 15 all over again.
Tavi, you are my BFF of the week but you are in my heart always. I am so proud of you and your smart brain, warm heart and especially the video you did singing Taylor Swift in goth.

One of my favorite posts is about Girl on Girl Hate. The details, the emotions, all of it makes you want to never hate another female again, or at least get really into their backstory to try and figure them out. Either way, Rookie might be a website for teens but it’s really a website for anyone with taste and a set of eyes.