BFFs of the Week

BFF of the Week

My BFF of the week is Samantha Ronson. I must for legal and friendship purposes clarify that her twin sister Charlotte Ronson is my BFF, as well. It’s not fair how people always try to put twins together always. Who is fighting for twin rights?? Charlotte, you may have been born first, but I met Samantha first and so it is.

Samantha is my first twin friend and this is coming from a girl who worshiped the twin relationship in Sweet Valley High, so you know this is a big deal. I met Samantha when I was 19 and working for a certain person that shall remain nameless, since she tortured my soul and I prefer to not give her any attention. The side note to this is that this was my first experience witnessing that other women could be awful to you – I had no idea this was possible and it was devastating. Samantha was my saving grace, my blessing; she talked me through this difficult time by playing my favorite game “favorite hip hop lyrics”.

I have and always will have a love for hip hop music similar to a teenage boy and Samantha, being the musical expert she is, was quite a challenge. We spent lots of time dissecting Biggie lyrics (my favorite) or her personal favorite, “Don’t be mad UPS is hiring” by Craig Mack. What I would soon find out is how Samantha isn’t just knowledgeable in hip hop music. This girl knows so much about music that I would gladly sign her up for any contest and bet money on her. Yes, you heard me, BET MONEY.

Samantha is known for being a DJ and while she is the only person – and I don’t say this lightly – to get me out to a club or bar at night, my heart lies with her song writing. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her perform hundreds of times and if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing her perform you’ve have probably seen me in the front row practically losing my mind with love. I am an emotional girl that connects to emotional music and Samantha has the key to my heart here. She writes beautiful melodies with the life experience of an adult but with the honest love of a child.

We all will be lucky to experience her album soon and I can’t wait to pack my bags and get on the groupie train. The idea of anyone being on stage is extremely freighting to me but to see someone I love doing it really impresses me. When I see Samantha on stage, I see my sister on stage, and I am in awe of her vulnerability through her music and talent.

I will also say that Samantha is the most generous friend I have. Sorry, guys, it’s true. We have been best friends for 10 years and the beauty of this friendship lies in the trust. We have rarely fought, we have gone times from speaking 15 times a day to once every few weeks and through that, nothing has changed. True friendship means not having to see each other but still feeling them strong in your heart. I am happy to share my best friend with you, just please don’t steal her. K thanks.