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I have an announcement to make that no one who ever meets me will find surprising: I love baked goods. I love baked goods so much that it is actually really dangerous for me to be around them. I would straight up eat a whole birthday cake on a random Tuesday if life was up to me, ya know? Anyway, everyone has their own food issues or food comforts and I found mine in Babycakes. Babycakes, was created by the uber cool, uber pretty Erin McKenna and aimed at creating a healthy and yummy brand for everyone to enjoy. I know you hear gluten-free, or vegan and think, “That’s not for me.” But let me tell you – everything at Babycakes is great for everyone. I dream of their yummy donuts and cookie sandwiches (I don’t even really dream unless its about food, that’s how hardcore I am.)

Growing up, my mom and I would always fight when it came to my birthday cake. She is French and believed that a tart or pastry-like dessert was better than those “gross American frosting cakes”. She is maybe right, but between the ages of 3-15, she was way wrong. Babycakes makes good food look fun and taste great. Here is the warning though: this stuff is so good that it makes you think you can eat as much as you want but guys, you can’t. That should really just be common knowledge. I don’t need to get all Julianna Michaels on you, do I ?

I have a serious girl crush on Erin McKenna and I am really pleased to announce that she will be doing a column for HelloGiggles. I hope that people send her tons of thank you messages for making donuts less shameful. That is a super important cause for me.

Image via Babycakes

  • Tracey Hill

    at café thEATre (in Montreal) we take sliced banana or carrot cake, stick it in the panini press to carmelize it and serve it with a dollop of our famous whipped vanilla butter. Hey Kids, you can do this at home with gingerbread, or any sweet bread that’s ‘loafing'(ha–pun intended) around the breadbox.

  • Laura Mayaneli Brown

    This is exactly who I want to be when I grow up^^

  • Julia Gazdag

    Theirs is the only cookbook I’ve read cover to cover like a book, and couldn’t put down. I’m obsessed. Enraptured. Overwhelmingly affectionate for this bakery. Especially since I have every food sensitivity known to man. I fear next week when I leave New York and go back to PDX and don’t have carrot cake cupcakes at my disposal every second of the day. FEAR.

  • Akiine Kivelä Ngarambe

    ps. just made the crepes with caramelized onions and vegan cheddar cheese for breakfast DEELISH!

  • Jessica Catcher

    Thank you for letting me know where to get my bakery fix this fall! I love it. <3

  • Erin Freemantle-Couture

    Babycakes in LES NYC is where it’s at. I love all the girls in there and the day olds, crumb cake, and donuts are all I want most days!!

  • Stephanie Layton

    I cannot wait to try Babycakes! The idea of a bakery where dairy free me can have anything in the case = uber exciting.

  • Amanda Hari

    I LOVE Babycakes and for the last two years I have got my birthday cake from them.
    Everything they make is amazing! Completely AMAZING!

  • Erin Marie Go Dungee

    I’m adding her to my girl crush list!

  • Ruci Kafka

    This made my day! So lovely.

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