BFFs of the Week


A few months ago I was sent this YouTube video of a coquette 5-year-old screaming about how she “wouldn’t marry anyone without a job” and then another one about how she would never be as funny as Seinfeld. I felt in my heart of hearts that this was my daughter from a past life. I also thought how great her parents must be have raised this child in an environment where she could even learn to express herself so effortlessly.

Thanks to the Internet, I did some lurking and have since discovered that this little girl has an older sister named Anna Graceman. Everything changed for me. Anna Graceman is this amazingly talented 11-year-old who decided to film her precocious little sister (and honestly, with a sister like that, who wouldn’t?) All the while, Anna Graceman is also posting videos of her singing and guess what? ANNA is way talented. She is talented not in the, “I’m an 11-year-old, watch me sing” kind of way but in a “watch out Adele because this kid is coming up” kind of way.

I want to be BFF with this sister combo. I would go as far as to say that I would quit it all to be their nanny. I grew up always wanting sisters and never getting them. I would of made a great older sister and even better little sister. I take direction really well for a bossy person. These sisters need Hellogiggles BFF’s. They also need to know that they are wonderful examples for little girls and grown woman everywhere.

Check out more of Anna’s videos on YouTube!

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