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One Beyoncé Instagram post is worth $1 million, and uhm what?

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Think of how much money is in your bank account. Hopefully, it’s an amount you’re happy with, but if not, we’re so sorry but you’re about to maybe feel a little worse (and trust us when we say we empathize).

That’s because Beyoncé Instagram is worth $1 million or more if she posts an #ad on social media, according to a study conducted by D’Marie Analytics. Yes, one IG post equals $1 million. That equates to a lot of Gucci for Blue Ivy and her twins on the way.

We get it, though. She may be only the 22nd-most-followed person online, but she’s the most valuable celebrity on social media (followed closely by Selena Gomez, who has the most Instagram followers and makes half a million dollars per ad) for a reason.

“I believe it’s due to her limited release of exclusive, curated content which causes such a frenzy from her audience,” chief executive of D’Marie, Frank Spadafora said in an interview with Moneyish. Translation: Beyonce’s per-post engagement is higher than celebs with more followers.

He added, “It’s actually a great lesson for all those over-saturating their feeds with branded, unentertaining, or thoughtless content just to stay in front of their audience and appear relevant. These days, less really is more.”

This makes a lot of sense. Queen Bey doesn’t post to social media all that much — in fact, she hasn’t tweeted for almost a year, and that one 2016 post (to promote Lemonade) was after a three-year hiatus. So you should probably be something pretty special, and willing to pay top dollar, for a social-media post from her.

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