She-ro of the Week

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel and I could totally be friends and that’s one of the many reasons I love her. She’s a rocking business woman, has made a gazillion dollars and yet there is still the sense that she could move into the duplex next door and come over for a little gossip and a side of vegan gluten-free cookie baking. She’s relatable. She’s not afraid to put it all out there, warts and all.

Nothing is off limits for Bethenny. That’s what makes for riveting television. Last year, viewers watched her find out that her own mother had sold her out to the tabloids. We watched as she mourned the loss of her abusive father, we saw feuds and fights and tears and pregnancy and marriage. She let us in in ways that the typical media-savvy, overly self-aware reality star of today never would and from that we’ve seen that she had every reason not to succeed. She had every reason and excuse in the book to sit back and cry “woe is me” but she didn’t.  She took the lemons she’d been handed and made margaritas. Yes, that is me winking at you, fellow Bethenny fans.

So many people have and will smirk and snicker at me for admiring this woman but she is exactly what women need these days. We need someone to inspire us.  She is brave enough to be who she is with no apology. We need someone who reminds us of ourselves and to see that someone succeed. We need the sense that, “if she can do it, so can I”. Because you can and I can and Bethenny Frankel is paving the way.

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