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Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel and I could totally be friends and that’s one of the many reasons I love her. She’s a rocking business woman, has made a gazillion dollars and yet there is still the sense that she could move into the duplex next door and come over for a little gossip and a side of vegan gluten-free cookie baking. She’s relatable. She’s not afraid to put it all out there, warts and all.

Nothing is off limits for Bethenny. That’s what makes for riveting television. Last year, viewers watched her find out that her own mother had sold her out to the tabloids. We watched as she mourned the loss of her abusive father, we saw feuds and fights and tears and pregnancy and marriage. She let us in in ways that the typical media-savvy, overly self-aware reality star of today never would and from that we’ve seen that she had every reason not to succeed. She had every reason and excuse in the book to sit back and cry “woe is me” but she didn’t.  She took the lemons she’d been handed and made margaritas. Yes, that is me winking at you, fellow Bethenny fans.

So many people have and will smirk and snicker at me for admiring this woman but she is exactly what women need these days. We need someone to inspire us.  She is brave enough to be who she is with no apology. We need someone who reminds us of ourselves and to see that someone succeed. We need the sense that, “if she can do it, so can I”. Because you can and I can and Bethenny Frankel is paving the way.

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  • Aimee Van Vliet

    Really? A woman who has size-zero-worship right up there in her company name is a feminist hero? Just because a woman has money and power, doesn’t mean she’s a positive role model. Lots of powerful women do nothing at all to increase the self-belief of other women and this one seems like a clear example.

    • Erin Farley

      I don’t really think it’s your place to judge who someone looks up to.

    • Rachel Bennett

      bethenney is fierce as hell and she’s a successful business woman because she tapped right into the eating right/dieting craze that millions of women subscribe to. i don’t think you should criticize someone for identifying a key market demographic and capitalizing on it. that’s what business is all about. besides, the alcohol industry could use some low calorie options that don’t include natty light or smirnoff ice.

    • Angela Moore

      Maybe the use of the word “skinny” could have been avoided, but she is definitely not a size zero worshiper. She wanted to give people (men AND women) an alternative to high sugar and high calorie cocktails. She is a really strong woman who has paved her own way and managed to obtain her dreams of being a mother and an awesome businesswoman. I wanted to write her off as just another annoying, self-absorbed “real” housewife, but she is really endearing to watch and seemingly down to earth and relatable.

    • Kelly Crafton

      Isn’t this kind of comment exactly what Zooey was talking about in her post a few weeks ago ‘If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say…’ ? You may not like Bethenny, but some people do. (including myself) Don’t ruin it for others. I think she’s great! She’s sassy and hilarious and doesn’t care what others think…. I love it! =)

    • Kristie Berky

      Just because her company is called “Skinny Girl” does not mean that it is a “size-zero worship”. I believe she is a positive role model because she is who she is and owns it 110%. She is a positive role model for all women around the world. I love Bethenny!

  • Noelle Christina Gharzai

    I LOVE Bethanny! She’s hilarious and doesn’t hide the fact that balancing work, husband and baby isn’t easy. I don’t think she has “size zero worship” In her books she really explains what a skinny girl is, it doesn’t mean a size zero, it means being healthy, eating well and living a “naturally thin” life, not living life like your on a diet, just living. I think she’s awesome. Thanks for this post!

  • Lauren M. Blanchard

    I always wanted to pick at her for being a reality show star, but she’s definately used that fame to jump start a lot of cool stuff. I’m not necessarily a fan, but she does have my respect

  • Jacqueline Frances

    There is not one housewife out of all the franchises that I find to be more relatable, than Bethenny Frankel. She puts it all out there and her ability to be so raw about struggles that we “common” people deal with EVERY day of our lives, makes me like her even more. The fact of the matter is, she took all 1,000,000 of the bad (and there are a LOT of those in her life) and good lemons that she’s been handed — and made tasty, healthy margaritas — and I love it. I can’t wait to taste her Skinny Girl Sangria when it’s available in Southern CA!

  • Jennifer Boyle

    I read Bethenny’s “A Place of Yes” secretly on my Kindle because I was slightly embarrassed to have purchased it. Well… that all went out the window when I started talking to practically everyone about it. My perception of a Bethenny went from “funny lady” to “determined, dogged, open, emotional, fierce, vulnerable, woman”. I think she is a great example of someone who pursues their dreams and when one doesn’t work out finds another and goes after it with even more gusto than before. So yes, I’m an out and proud Bethenny fan!

  • Shauna Lewis

    i lover Bethenny.

  • Erma Basila

    I love Bethenny!

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