The Best Recipes For What's Left In Your Fridge

7. Peanut Butter and Jelly

Yeah, yeah. It seems like an easy solution. But peanut butter and jelly is perfect for all occasions, and it’s filling and not terrible for you – so, it’s included on the list. Plus, there’s a great chance that you already have some jam in the fridge and some peanut butter in the pantry. If you want to make it special, consider grilling your sandwich, or adding some bananas (you know – the ones left over after you made that ice cream above.)

8. Banana Bread

Speaking of bananas – have you ever tried making your own banana bread? It’s pretty simple. In fact, even I’ve made a few decent batches of it before, and I’m the worst chef on the East Coast. Ask anybody who knows me!

If your bananas are about to turn, remember that over-ripe bananas add even more flavor to banana bread. (And sure – it’s not really a “meal,” but it can be. I’m sure you’ve eaten worse. We can be honest with each other.)

9. Tuna Melt

If you’re looking for a good sandwich to make when your fridge is bare, consider a tuna melt. While you can definitely use real bread, consider making it fancy and breaking out an English Muffin. A can of tuna, some cheese, and spices of your choice will make this a pretty tasty meal. Plus, tuna is heart healthy and doesn’t cost a fortune.

10. Quesadillas

If you have flour tortillas lying around the house, you have endless possibilities. One of my favorites is the quesadilla, which can be as intricate or simple as you want, based on your current stock of food.

Your quesadillas can include chicken, beans, or simply cheese. If you want to bump it up a notch, consider trying the “pizzadilla,” which we eat in our household once a week – even though it’d be once a day, if I had my wish. They’re that good.

For the pizzadilla, all you need is pizza sauce, cheese, and – if you have it – pepperoni. Not only are they delicious, but they’re healthier than ordering a large pizza for yourself. Consider cutting them up so that you can eat them with your hands, and dip them in the sauce.

What are some of your favorite creations when the fridge is bare?

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