I, for one, will for SURE buy something reasonably priced once a celebrity has made it look glamorous. By “reasonably priced,” I mean I’m ballin’ on a budget. $1,000 for a purse that will become a “staple” part of my wardrobe is not, sadly, reasonable for me at the moment. But a $150 leather skirt from a mass retailer that a celebrity wore once to do press for a movie? I will buy that thing in a heartbeat and wear it to work, for after-work drinks, on dates, at parties, walking the dog and while laying on my couch watching Scandal/drinking red wine/practicing my Olivia Pope concerned face.

And even though I understand that what looks rockin’ on Kate Bosworth is probably going to look like a total tragedy on me, sometimes it’s nice to know that a) celebrities: they’re just like us! and b) the clothes that they’re wearing come in sizes other than “sample.”

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