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June 8th is Best Friend Day! So let’s honor and cherish our friendships (ugh ew, sorry I said it like that. So cheesy.) I don’t know about you but I constantly compare my friendships to friendships that are on TV or in movies. How many times have you heard someone say “I’m a Carrie and she’s a Charlotte.”

Which TV friendship is most like you and your best friends?

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Also, how great/weird is the best friends picture above? Those boys are best friends forever and they don’t care who knows it.


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  1. Definitely like the Seinfeld gang… although with my BFF we are like Troy and Abed – nobody gets the way we have fun together except us, and we love all the same things.

  2. The guys from workaholics lol <3

  3. Ellie and Jules from Cougar Town. Definitely.

  4. Peter Klaven and Sydney Fife from I Love You, Man.

  5. Troy & Abed from Community! (Although my housemate & I go through dark & twisty Meredith & Cristina – from Grey’s – moments).

  6. My friend and I are more like Roy and Maurice from The IT crowd.

  7. Turk and JD from Scrubs.

  8. Thats a hard question.. At first I thought Friends… But decided that we’re most comparable to Adventure Time!

  9. Spongebob an Patrick. And that will never change.

  10. Jess and Cece on New Girl!

  11. We’re a lot more like the Seinfeld gang than anything else.

  12. We’re like the Big Bang Theory gang… haha!

  13. My best friends and I are definitely more like The Golden Girls than anything else!

  14. Marissa & Summer on The OC! me & my bff to a t (minus marissas death…)

  15. Definitely the Friends gang…and they are all I always wanted!

  16. god i love everything i see here