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These are the best exercises to do after sitting all day


We can’t help it that we have to sit down at work all day. And things have gotten even worse with the rise of computers and the internet. The truth is, sitting too much is really bad for you. Office workers can spend up to 15 hours per day sitting, which can affect the number of calories you burn and increase your chance of getting certain diseases.

Unfortunately, we can’t all just quit our jobs and wander around all our lives (even though that’s the dream). All we can do is combat the negative effects that come along with sitting by moving our body more often and staying healthy. These exercises are for all you office folks out there that are working hard at your desk. We feel your pain.

Here are nine targeted exercises to counter the negative effects of sitting all day.


You might have heard that the plank is key to an amazing stomach. And that’s because it strengthens your core. But a strong core has other benefits, like helping to keep your posture from sagging when you sit at work.

2Overhead Press

This exercise works your shoulders and upper back, which can get hunched over and sore after a day of slumping over a computer. So use this exercise to strengthen your upper body for better posture and to help work out that tightness.

3Glute Bridge

The glute bridge is the perfect exercise to do after a long day of sitting. This simple move helps to strengthen your butt, hamstrings, and core, which will help improve your posture. Having a strong posterior chain (a fancy term for all the muscles along the back of your body) can also help combat back pain. And we’ve definitely felt a little of that after a long day at our desk.


Squats might be the #1 exercise for strengthening your whole body. Squats make your legs, butt, and lower back stronger. Plus, they help work out the tension in tight hips after sitting all day. They also build up hip flexor muscles, so your hips don’t get as tight during the day.

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