Photobombing – v. The act of appearing in one’s photograph uninvited.

Although sneaking into the background of somebody else’s photo has been around for as long as photography itself has, only recently has it become an art form. It takes great precision and timing to successfully photobomb. I myself take pride in having successfully bombed over a dozen photos (and that’s only ones that I’ve seen, not including the photos of complete strangers) over the past couple of years. The way I see it, I deserve to be in every picture, and if you don’t invite me to be in it, then I’m going to force my way in! The act of photobombing is never a malicious one, of course, but rather a fun one (albeit totally jerk-y.)

As a veteran photobomber, seeing photos of celebrities photobombing at their best always brightens my day. Take, for example, Tina Fey and her infamous videobomb during this year’s Golden Globes. Priceless. For today’s gallery, I put together some of my favorite celebrity photobombs of all times. Enjoy, and bring some photobombing joy into your own life!

  • Heather Favro Binuya

    Chevy Chase was such a hottie. <3

    • Ellen Hofeling

      But really though. So ridiculous.

    • Lindsey Faber

      weird, he looks a bit like dane cook in that photo

  • Tori Eakins


  • Bianca Koolmees

    The John Mayer one is great. His expression makes it.

  • Laura Gardner
  • Alexandra Victoria Klint

    And for the Mythbuster fans, Adam and Jamie Photo bombing Seth Rogan

  • Joy Kowald

    Google “Aaron Rodgers photobomb” he’s been bombing every team captain photo since he joined the team. Here is a most excellent example.

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