Best Baby Daddies – TV/Movie Edition!

Okay, okay – this is something I could talk about FOR YEARS. Amazing TV/movie dads is such an amazing topic to get to write about. First of all, I love movies and I love television, and I love watching shows where dads are the focus. It’s like, my favorite genre. Let’s just get started, okay?

#1 – Dr.Huxtable

There is no dad on TV or in movies as great (in my opinion) as Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable. There are so many things about him that make him the number one dad. I don’t even know where to start. I’m just gonna break it down in some bullet points so you guys get it.

  • He is FUNNY!
  • He plays with his kids.
  • He teaches his kids about music and culture.
  • He is proud of them.
Remember this episode? All of Rudy’s friends came over for a sleepover and he let them all ride on his knee. FUN!
The whole family. All five kids. How happy (and proud) does he look?

#2 – Danny Tanner

I know Danny had some help from Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey – but still, he was a single dad with three daughters! He did such an amazing job with them…plus he dealt with Kimmy Gibbler well.

Look at how loving he is to his daughters! Adorable.

The whole family. SO CUTE!!

#3 – Dan Conner

I love Dan Conner. I think that he is so underrated as one of the great TV dads. I think he’s on of the more realistic portrayals of a dad on TV, which is awesome to see. He wants to be involved in his kids’ lives, but not in an overbearing way. He loves his wife, but not in a cheesy way. And he works really really hard to provide for his family.

Look how young they all are here! This is the cutest.

I love this. Everyone looks so good and so happy – especially Dan.

#4 – Cal Weaver

Loved this movie. Cal Weaver was just slapped over and over again but remained throughout the ultimate dad. Admirable, yo!

#5 – George Banks

George Banks needs to be pointed out here. He is SO SO GOOD in Father Of The Bride (part one and two!). He handles everything with such a good sense of humor. He’s just so loving and gentle and fun. That scene where George and his daughter Annie are playing basketball and it goes from present to past kills me! It’s just the sweetest thing!

This is the basketball scene. The best!

Talking to his new baby (part two) and making him laugh already!

# 6 – Sonny Koufax

So, I think that this is probably a surprising choice. But let me explain. This movie makes my heart hurt. Like, HURT. I weep like a baby at the end when Julian screams “I can wipe my own ass!!” when they are taking him away from Sonny. It’s so painful.

They had so much fun together & they love each other so much!
# 7 – Daniel (Love Actually)
Time to give step-dads some LOVE. Daniel is heartachingly good in this movie. He is so attentive to his kid, and does everything he can to make sure his son gets what he wants. He stops at nothing to make sure his child is happy and fighting for what he really wants. LOVE!
When they lay on the couch and make a plan for how he’s going to get the girl…I mean, it’s the nicest thing ever.
The pay off! This is the happiest part of the film. All worth it!

# 8 – The Dads on Modern Family

Won’t go into detail because it would take 8 million pages and 10 years to describe, but they are all unique and they are all great.

#9 – Jim’s Dad

Just a BALLER of a dad through and through. Hilarious. Always says what he needs to say even if it’s awkward or uncomfortable for his kids.

#10 – Uncle Phil

He wasn’t just a dad to his kids, he was also a dad to his disruptive and hilarious nephew, Will. Watching him take Will in as his own was just amazing.

Look at this family man!! Just stern and strict enough.

Lastly, I want to bring in a new TV dad. This dad is in the vein of Sonny Koufax – an unexpected new dad, no prior baby experience and no baby mama to help him out. There are not a lot of dudes who could step up to the plate in the “baby left on your doorstep” scenario and this next dad is about to take it all on, and do it well!

Newest TV dad – Ben Wheeler 

Meet Ben Wheeler, you guys! This baby daddy is only in his 20’s and still got it together to take on the challenge of raising a baby… no matter how hard that can be at times!

The series premiere of ABC Family’s new original comedy “Baby Daddy,” is on Wednesday, June 20 at 8:30/7:30c, and I for one CANNOT WAIT. See video, photos and cast info here and follow on twitter and facebook.

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  • Elizabeth DiRusso

    this list needs more sandy cohen!

    • Alexis Rae Demandante

      ooh good idea!!

    • Devon Slobodzian

      I couldn’t agree more, Sandy was the best, honest, most righteous TV Dad EVER

  • Alexis Rae Demandante

    i would put coach eric taylor right after dr. huxtable

    • Jordi Blythe

      Coach Taylor is the best father (and husband) in the world. I love the scene when Jess thought she was alone and in the laundry room crying and Coach said to her, “You know I have 2 daughters right? Take all the time you need.” My heart just burst! I love him so much.

    • Trina McCoy

      Coach Taylor would be number one on mine. He’s the epitome of the perfect man. Awesome dad, amazing husband, great coach & mentor to his players.

  • Karla Meiskey

    Burt Hummel– Kurt’s dad from Glee!!! he should definitely be on the list :o)

  • Jordi Blythe

    I was a hot mess when I saw Big Daddy in theatres for the first time and the kids screamed, “I can wipe my own ass!” Like crouched over sobbing.

  • Lauren Montemurri

    What about Tim Allen? He is the top of my list because I thought he is such a real dad, goofy and makes mistakes but always puts his family first and works hard to teach them the lessons as he learns them. In Home Improvement he had three boys, and now on Last Man Standing he has three girls. He just reminds me so much of my own dad, I think he’s great

    • Sasha Boshart

      100% agreed! Tim Allen on Home Improvement is the perfect father/husband in my opinion!

  • Meredith Lee

    I agree with this list and I’m glad you didn’t include Ross Geller, I’m still on the fence as to whether or not he was a good dad or not. He definitely had his moments and I LOVED that Holiday Armadillo episode of Friends, but what gets me is the end of Friends. Rachel is leaving for Paris….with his child….and there was very little concern from him about Rachel taking Emma to another country. I also will forever love Cliff Huxtable, Danny Tanner–I mean, Stephanie Tanner drives a car into the kitchen and all that happens is they talk about it a little bit! And of course…Dan Connor. Oh, but wait….what about the father from The Wonder Years?

  • Chelsea Jonkman

    Definitely Sandy Cohen, but also Keith Mars! Enrico Colantoni was phenomenal in this role.

  • Georgie Girdwood

    sandy cohen – the god of all dads. and eyebrows.

  • Emma Jones

    PHIL DUNPHY! The KING of aaaaall Dads! And also don’t forget Jimmy from Raising Hope :)

  • Dominique E. Dizon

    What about Jake Jagielski from One Tree Hill. ANYONE!?!?!?!?!

  • Sarah Reamon

    I’m confused…I guess I thought there was a difference between “baby daddy” and dad.
    Anyway, I’ll just go with how it’s being used here and second how great Keith Mars and Coach Eric Taylor are as dads! Adam Braverman (Parenthood), Rick Castle (Castle) and Burt Hummel (Glee) all deserve a mention too!

  • Sami Martin

    One little detail–the picture you have up of Steve Martin/George Banks with a baby is actually his grandson, also named George. (I love that movie!)

  • Cara Skelsey

    I love Jimmy Chance from Raising Hope. He’s in a terrible position to be a good Dad, but makes the best of things, tries his hardest, and it’s awesome watching him learn how to do it all.

    Also nominating HIS Dad Burt. Inventing and maintaining a horrible Halloween monster every year JUST to get a hug from his kid? Awwwwwww.

  • Ailish Grimsted

    The first thing I thought when I read the title was Baby Daddy and then it was on there

  • Robert Remillard

    You know this is fiction, right?

  • Devon Slobodzian

    Thank you for including Sonny, what a great choice.

  • Santina Muha

    Daniel from LoveActually!! Yes yes yes!! <3

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