This Is The Best Air Safety Speech By A Flight Attendant Ever

It takes real comedic talent to make a life or death situation, like a plane crash, funny and entertaining. Most passengers tune out during the flight safety speech but the passengers on this Southwest Air flight were treated to a stand up routine by Marty Cobb:

  • Sara Jean DePasquale


  • Sara Jean DePasquale


  • CourtnÄ“ Athena Daniel

    I had a hilarious Southwest attendant a few years ago. What a pleasure to fly with them! I love this.

  • Josefine Else Larsen

    I would love to see this with subtitles! She speaks so fast i can only hear about 30% Of it – but those 30% are hilarious! 😀 what a great way to get people to listen to the safety guides! :)

  • Albertine Watson

    This is so great! I love how she’s taken something most of us loathe and has made it more entertaining for her guests. She’s taken that extra step in her work to ensure her passengers are happier and probably safer for paying extra attention. She is AWESOME.

  • Anne Schneider

    What a cute story! Sometimes all it takes is a little humor…

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