Champagne Problems

Being Too "On"

I don’t know about you toaster stroodles from istand-boodles, but I was a victim to this just days ago. Being “too on” Not my real self. Selling something that is “me” but an exaggerated me. Have you ever been here before? It’s Ew-town USA. Yuckville-Central and Gross-burgh island. Somebody hand me a loofah, I must bathe. I’ve always thought that I was someone who had their wits about them. Someone that was super confident about who I was and who I wanted to be (the lead actress in Drumline 4, obvs) and it’s amazing how one important interaction could make you switch things up. (I went in with a British accent for goodness sakes!) That’s not true, but I might as well have…

“You’re trying to tell me, JC, that you aren’t yourself most of the time? That adorable button nosed ‘self’ that makes people of the world smile from ear to knee-cap?” Well that’s very kind of you to see me as that but yes, what I am saying is just that. Let’s backpeddle. First, as driven as a person is, it still isn’t easy to walk into a room filled with strangers and impress them as just “you”. It takes a lot of prep work and most importantly practice to meet people that could potentially change your life. (This all sounds very intense, but stick with me like sticky tape, okay?)

Whether you’re a teacher, waitress, financial banker (that’s real, yes?) comic, author or a mime, remembering to be you just gets tough at times. (I bet mimes have the hardest time though being silent and all. Unless they really are silent, then maybe they are themselves…This is becoming very meta.) But that’s just it. Being yourself. What does it even mean? (Oh wow, that question is super annoying). When you go in to an interview for the first time, you as a young, hip human from [insert hometown here] are just trying to ‘wow’ them in anyway possible. You are trying to not overthink your attire, or run a funny yet quirky monologue through your brain so you come off educated but delightfully witty. You are just trying to survive those thirty minutes until you can run downstairs, validate your parking and grab McDonalds because you’ve “earned it”. The truth is, after filing down the edges of my business mistakes, I am coming to find the real me is what people love the most – humble, annoying and cute! But it’s true. The “me” that’s excited, nerdy, confident and oddly dressed is what people like. When I go in as anything but that, it shows.

“Big whoop, JC you blew a meeting.” And to that I say, “Listen here, snooty face, I didn’t “blow it” I would give myself a hard “B”. And, to the best of my knowledge “B” is passing in most countries and more importantly, people still eat at restaurants ranked “B” so long as they’re not afraid of possibly peeing out of their bums. Too far? My apologizes, I was just being me (cliched wink).

Image via Trish Skram