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Being a Mom Doesn't Mean You Have To Wear Mom Jeans

Andrea writes:

Hi Grasie, I was hoping for some rules or guidelines for “dressing my age”. I am 31 and I have 2 young children  and I worry a lot about what others think of me. I want to wear cute clothes and look like I care about my appearance but I’m afraid of dressing too young or getting into a frumpy-mom rut. I’m not sure of the middle ground? Just because I like it doesn’t mean I can wear it. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hello Andrea! Okay lady…here we go. First of all, I would suggest not caring so much about what others think of you and instead wearing what makes YOU feel great. Second, you are 31! Not 71…I mean, yes, there are things out there you shouldn’t wear unless you’re 15 but it sounds like you think you’re old and have to dress old. Third, just because you’re a mama doesn’t mean you have to dress like one and chances are if you like something, you CAN wear it.

Can I tell you a secret? I’m 33. (Gasp!) And there was a time, right after college, when I felt I needed to suddenly dress more mature. It wasn’t me. Still isn’t. I learned that pretty quickly. Another secret? I have a ton of clients who are moms and they all have the same notion in their heads: “I’m a mom and so I should dress like one, right?” Wrong! You should look classy, chic, put together and stylish while wearing outfits that are practical and comfy. Yes! But that does not mean cargo capris, a holey t-shirt and crocs. That ain’t cute on anyone!

Okay, the preaching portion is through, now lets talk fashion

Instead of a plain t-shirt opt for a blouse in a bold color or fun pattern. The right blouse can make you look more dressed up in an instant.

  • 1. Gap Foil Print T $30
  • 2. Zara Shirt with Pockets $36
  • 3. Gap Box Print Long-Sleeve Blouse $32

Now, if you want to wear a plain T, dress it up in the cooler months with your favorite knit. Go for chunky fabrics, fun prints and cinched waists for a classic and chic look.
  • 4. Zara Cable Stitch Kimono Jacket $50
  • 5. Banana Republic The Mad Men Collection Animal Print Cardigan $89.50
  • 6. Asos Warehouse Belted Double Pocket Cardigan $82

Wear fitted to skinny jeans and pants instead of baggy cargos for a comfortable yet put together look. Dark denim is great for transitioning from day to night, where as lighter denim is best worn during the day. If you’re feeling adventurous try a pair of colored pants, like the tangerine cords above.
  • 7. Levi’s Modern Slight Curve Skinny Jeans $68
  • 8. Asos A|Wear Belted Chino Pants $55
  • 9. JCrew Vintage Matchstick Cord $79.50

If you’re running around after 2 young children, chances are you want something comfy on your feel. Go for flats and boots with no heel or a sturdy, chunky heel. These shoes are not only stylish but wearable!
  • 10. Asos Georgie Leather High Leg Boot $110
  • 11. Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy Suede Ankle Strap Skimmer $39
  • 12. Steve Madden Pembrook Boot $130 (my favorite boot this Fall!)
You may have noticed I didn’t give you any “rules” because quite frankly, I hate fashion “rules”. I believe fashion and style are unique to every individual. Plus, there are exceptions to every rule, so why bother listing them in the first place. Instead, I suggest using the items above as inspiration. If you like certain things more than others…go for it! Remember, what’s most important is how the clothes make YOU feel. Wear what makes you feel hot, chic, sexy, cool, self-confident and great about yourself. In the end, that’s all that matters.
PS – The latest episode of my web series No Shopping Necessary just so happens to tackle the closet of a young mama like yourself!

Mom Jeans photo via Ask Nicole 

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