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Becky Simpson is our Illustrator of the Week!

When we’re having a rough day, few things can put a smile on our face quite like Becky Simpson’s art. Whether it’s a flow chart to help you figure out if you need to wash your hair, or a book that celebrates the perks of being short, Becky’s work definitely brings the giggles. She’s currently an Adobe Creative Resident (because she’s mega-talented, obviously), where she’s focusing on turning her art into a full-time gig. We think she’s more than deserving. The Austin-based illustrator and author’s work is fun, relatable, and just the perfect amount of silly — and that’s why she’s our Illustrator of the Week!

Find out more about Becky and her art below.

No pressure, but describe your art: Optimistic, goofy, authentic.

What inspires you to make things: Most often, personal experiences. I think it’s okay to delight in the ordinary, and that’s where I find the most humor.

Your favorite thing(s) to draw: Girls with big hair, monsters, plants, letters, and all sorts of patterns.

Medium of choice: I do most of my work with pens and/or watercolor, then edit the rest in Illustrator or Photoshop. I’ve been using the Adobe Shape app to vectorize art from my phone.

The first time you knew you wanted to be an artist: I’ve loved creating for as long as I remember. In kindergarten I said I wanted to make books after our teacher read us The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. I was always the one entering poster contests and drawing cartoons in my notebooks.

Proudest achievement so far: Professionally, it’s been publishing two books. I’m wrapping up my second one this month, The Roommate Book. It’s due to my editor on September 1. It is a lot of work putting together a book. From concept to outline to proposal to first draft to final, you really put your heart into it. I write and illustrate them, so I have the chance to execute the whole thing.

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