I just really, really want GLOWING SKIN. Like, I want my skin in real life to look how it looks after I brighten and filter it on instagram. I want my skin to look like these ladies, you know?

J.Lo – THE ULTIMATE GLOWING SKIN – I mean…look at ’90s Jennifer Lopez glowing like nobody’s business. (And those baby hairs!!)

Hayden Panettiere – YOUNG GLOWING SKIN – She is my age. If she can have glowing skin, so can I.

Beyoncé – GLOWING SKIN QUEEN – Obviously B glows ALWAYS, and this is an extreme version. But still. I would rub whatever they rubbed on her all day everyday if I could look like this.

You’re probably like, Tatti, WE GET IT! You want skin like these women. Who cares? Well, maybe not you…yet, but you will because I am going to show you how you can get it! I’ve found the answer! Personalized, awesome and easy skin care from BeautyMint.

It’s impressive when you can take a quiz and the internet or whatever tells you what shoes you’ll like, or what jewelry you’d want to wear. I’m the worst at technology, but I feel like that makes sense or something. But skin care is SO personal, unique and different depending on the person that I find it mindblowing that you can take a quiz online and the INTERNET can tell you what series of products you should use. But check it out, BeautyMint does it, and it works. They just know what’s up. It’s crazy and awesome.

These are the questions they asked me where I knew they would get it right.

Oh, you know WOMEN?!?  You ask about our periods…you get it.

Oh, you know different women have different amounts of time and you’re taking that into consideration?! Thank you.

Love this pic. That looks super painful though!

You’re asking me if I want to “brighten” my skin. You mean do I want it to glow? Yes! I do!

Do they get it or what?

Lastly, I love seeing this at the end:

When they say (write) my name, I really feel like they are talking to me and I love it. I want to reply, like, thanks Jessica!

Basically, BeautyMint takes time to get to know you (not too much time, though – they know we’re all busy) and sets you up with a custom package created entirely for you based your answers. I’ve had mine for a few weeks now and I love it. It works, it smells clean and most importantly, I think I’m starting to glow, at least a little more than I was before!

Be sure to use the promo code: HELLO10 – good for $10 off your first month’s kit, first time buyers only, valid until 3/31

Sponsored by: BeautyMint