Item of the Day: Monster NTune On-Ear Headphones

Generally, I just trundle along listening to my music on my phone with the standard Apple-issue headphones, and they’ve been pretty good: okay sound, pretty good volume… After all, you can’t miss something you’ve never tried before – that something being INSANELY GOOD sound. I got a chance to try out a pair of Monster’s NCredible NTunes on-ear headphones earlier this month and OH SNAP, they are good.

I listen to a lot of hip hop, so I really love when headphones pick up on the bass of the music and go so loud that I can literally drown out every other sound happening around me – not always especially safe when you’re walking around a city like New York (always be super aware of your surroundings, people!) but totally necessary when the noise is enough to make you want to jump out of a window.

You get what you pay for: $150 may seem steep to pay for a pair of headphones, but the payoff is worth it. The sound quality on the NTunes is amazing: crisp, clear, bass-filled and almost like you’re in the studio with the artist. I know that sounds cheesy as hell, but seriously.

I’ve always been a fan of over-ear headphones because I like an immersive experience with my music, so these were perfect in that sense (for the record, Monster does have in-ear headphones if that’s your preference). They also come with a carrying case and a nice cloth to clean them with so you can keep them all pristine. I’m a big fan of the bright, candy apple red shade, but there are about a billion to choose from.

You can grab a pair of Monster’s NCredible NTunes on the company’s website HERE for $149.

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