Beauty is in the Eye of the Beautiful Eye

I’ve been getting a lot of nice compliments about Zooey’s makeup for the premier  of Our Idiot Brother this past Tuesday. Zooey had a clear vision of the look she wanted and we executed it boldly.

I LOVED the Fellini-inspired look embodied in her Moschino Dress. Two of the most inspirational fashion films for me  in my life are Fellini’s Juliet of the Spirits and Who are you Polly Magoo?

There is one scene in Polly Magoo that really sticks out in my mind.  At the height of  getting the models ready for the runway, one of the girls cuts her leg on her metal dress. Someone yells out, “Get a bandaid!”  Then the director of the show yells, “No bandaid! Makeup!”

This movie pretty much put a makeup brush in my hand.  There is no way you can do that kind of eye makeup with your fingers! And since I needed to look like Peggy Moffitt on any given day, I became a quick student of replicating makeup looks from the 1960s.

All of this was taken into account when I was getting Zooey ready for the red carpet last Tuesday. As far as the make-up was concerned, she specifically  said she wanted a Twiggy-esque eye and I added a little Peggy Mofitt flavor to top it off.

Here ‘s how you can get the look:

Start with an eye primer. Then apply a thick black liquid line on the lash line. Any liner fashioned after a pen will be  the easiest for most beginners. With an angled brush, use a soft black eye shadow and boldly brush it on the  crease of the lid. Blend a bit here and there to soften it up! smudge up the liner as well. Take a little lotion and clean up the sides, that way you can shape your eyes any way you like.

Now apply your under eye concealer and foundation.  Go really light on the foundation to keep your look fresh.

Lashes:  Cut them in three pieces and then apply with lash glue.  For the bottom lashes make sure you use bottom lash strips. Again, I like to cut them into threes before applying.

For mascara: Do you have to ask? Rimmel Day to Night in black. (Use the Day setting.)

When you go big and detailed on the eyes, the common rule is keep the rest of your makeup soft.

I used a soft shade of peach for the cheeks but a light pink or violet or nothing at all would be nice too!

For  lips, use a nude lip liner and a light nude shade of lipstick or gloss. Or again, you could go bare. On Zooey, I used Rimmel London’s Stay Glossy lip gloss in #120, non-stop Glamour.

Voila! You have it now, so enjoy your gorgeous 60’s self!

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