Teaspoon of Happy

Beautiful Snowflakes

And handsome ones. Short ones. Muscly ones. Not to mention the bald ones with large, round bellies. Everyone is like an amazing and singular miracle. Think about it. Lots of cells just happened to arrange themselves into the order that is you: your eyes, your smile, your laugh, your one-of-a-kind spaghetti sauce. The way you draw, the way you fix an uneven table. You are a wonderful anomaly, just as you are now. There is nothing else like you in the world, nor will there ever be. And that makes you spectacular. Everything about you.

Because there are cultural values that we attribute somewhat arbitrarily to different traits, sometimes it gets into our heads that others can be better-than. Things like strength and a good set of thighs are evolutionarily advantageous, but the truth is what makes you—you, is what makes you great. There are gifts and experiences that we have been given that are very important because they have been give to only us. Our job is only to be ourselves, and follow our hearts as honestly as we can. To try our best, and be true to who we are.

To shed the wishes, the regrets, the disappointments and the facades, is the path to self-knowledge and I believe the key to everything we could want out of life. You simply have to honor what is already inside. Give that person the value and awe they deserve. Be kind to them. Treat them with love and reverence: they are better than you could possibly know, if you just give them your time.

The value and purpose that your life and spirit bring is unique to only you. No one else can replace that. Don’t waste your time thinking you should ever be anyone else. Stay true to who you are and strive to fulfill your potential as that self. As you cultivate that knowledge, you will be rewarded with every new step. Like slowly growing into a pair of shoes. You will walk further, faster and more comfortably, and then one day you’ll begin to dance. You are the most amazing thing to occur in this universe. And that’s someone worth knowing.

My love to you all!! And happy Sunday, xox Sarah

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