VideosGranny Rides Rollercoaster for the First Time, and It's AmazingBlaire Bercy

Ria is an awesome grandmother who is part of Vodafone’s Firsts campaign, where they get people to do things they have never done before. This is a tiny clip from a longer video (below) about Ria and her seat mate, An, who have never been on a plane. Vodafone wanted to prepare these ladies for a vacation of a lifetime so Ria and her Granddaughter hit up an amusement park to experience another first together before the big flight:

Now please watch the FULL video from Vodafone which shows Ria and An’s road to the flight of their lives:

  • Ashley Lowrance

    Thanks for helping me find my happy for the day :)

  • Lauren Nicole

    Shut up this is adorable! She just made my day :)

  • Andrea Westfall

    Pure joy. And what a campaign too.

  • Sylvanna Cienfuegos

    I love this, it made me tear up!

  • Jess Bone

    This is so indescribably uplifting.

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