Do you guys remember beanie babies? They were the biggest craze when I was in 3rd grade. My sisters and I wanted to collect them all because we thought they would be a valuable collector’s item one day. Luckily we lost interest, because this trend turned out to be a real bust.

But it was still fun buying and receiving them as presents when they were popular. My favorite was Fleece, a lamb beanie baby that I got as a gift from my mom for doing well in a swim meet. I still have in my attic. Did you collect beanie babies? Did you have a favorite?

  • Lindsay Ann

    Oh, Beanie Babies…I culled my collection a few years ago, and I still have tons of them. I used to bring them to school when I was in fourth grade, and one boy laughed at me because the Beanie Baby squirrel’s name was Nuts…

  • Amanda James

    I was absolutely ridiculous. I remember arriving to the mall super early a few times to wait in line, get a number (sometimes a lottery), and then get them. Or going to the closet’s hospital’s gift shop like an hour before they opened because they had “Princess” coming in. Orrrrr my mom would go to McDonald’s numerous times a day for the Teeny Beanie Babies. SO. MANY. HAPPY. MEALS. And it wasn’t just me–I have two sisters. So both of us, plus our mom to an extent. Ridiculous. They’re all in the attic if they ever do have any value. (I ran across an old book estimating their value in the “future”–which is now the past… again, ridiculous!)

  • Aoife Munro

    Ah Beanie Babies, how I adored them. I remember being devastated because my brother, when angry at me, would rip off their tags and render them worthless (because they’re worth so much these days right enough). I’ve only got one left from my extensive collection, Fuzz, an auburn bear that used to have a tag and a blue ribbon around his neck, he’s been all over Europe with me on family holidays back in the day (we even took pictures of sights with Fuzz just chilling in the foreground). I sometimes take him out for a little cuddle, shhhh.

  • Paige Tzipora Robkoff

    my first ever was Snip and she still at home with my other beanies and she’s probably my favorite to this day :)

  • Becky Hadgett

    I’ve got over 400 safely tucked away in a box at the top of my wardrobe! I couldn’t bring myself to part with them – I loved them so much! My first was Fetch, followed by Spunky and Gigi. For a good few years, they played an integral part of my childhood!

  • Georgia Leaker

    I loved my Beanie Babies! I mostly liked the cat ones (I’m a bit of a cat lady) – I’ve given many away but I never had as many as most kids (mostly cos I live in Australia and we didn’t get that many of them). but I’ve held onto quite a few, I think I’ll give them to my kids when I have them.

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