BCBGeneration's Instagram contest winner, Holly Fowler.

BCBGeneration has announced the winner of their Foxy-Gram contest — congratulations, Holly Fowler! For this contest, they wanted to see how you let your personal style come together around one crucial item —  a dress (while wearing fox masks, of course).

Sometimes it’s tricky to style dresses because you put them on and you’re done — instaoutfit. But then you want to add something to it but without taking away from the actual dress. Holly shows three different looks here, each dress from BCBGeneration, with three very distinct feels. She even uses the same pair of sandals for each look — very impressive!

Her first look, a cobalt blue wraparound dress, is the most formal of the three. Though calling it formal is a stretch, but you get what I mean. She keeps it on the dressy side with a gold cuff and a decorative belt. And of course, it’s essential to wear round Twiggy glasses over your fox masks, I mean that’s just a given.

So what do we think of this sweater (wrap? What do the kids call it these days?) with the second dress? My issue with dresses is that I can never find the right outerwear to pair it with. A blazer looks good from the front, but from the back it looks very, “Excuse me, I have a meeting at the office.” A cardigan looks cute but can sometimes be too loose-fitting over a clean cut dress. Personally I like going the route of this long sweater. It works because the hem is longer than the hem of the skirt. You don’t want it to match the length and if it’s too short it cuts off your waist. Not literally, thankfully. Mixing prints is the thing now, and the print of the clutch works with the print of the sweater because the colors are within the same group. Hat, there’s also a hat. Breezy!

Her third look is also a bit breezy but with a crisper “time to party” edge. White is an unexpected color for a body hugging dress, so work it, girl. Pairing it with a tote is a good contrast for something that says, “I’m ready to party but this isn’t a corporate party this is a beach party and look, I’m holding a beach ball, I’m not kidding around here.”

How do you style your dresses for different occasions and to keep them new and fresh? Any tips?

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