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Battling The Stress of Halloween

It’s that time of year again.

The time of year when I put off planning my costume, because I feel lame for thinking about it too early, but then the weekend before Halloween rears it’s ugly head and, as usual, I am entirely unprepared.

Halloween stress manifests itself in a couple of ways.

The first comes from the absolute compulsion of making sure my costume is homemade. By this, I do not mean sitting in the corner of my room sewing and painting—I simply mean putting together the outfit myself: finding various articles of clothing, accessories and other knick-knacks and combining them in such a fashion that the gist of what I am comes across to the masses. No store-bought costumes allowed.

The second comes from the fact that it has to be an ORIGINAL IDEA! Never have I ever, been a witch or a vampire. Come on, guys. Let’s use our imagination. The problem is, almost everyone beats me to the punch and thinks up the funniest, most creative costumes before I do—and I am left with nothing. This is typically why I end up procrastinating in getting my outfit pieces together— I am too busy thinking up the greatest costume in the history of Halloween.

Last year, after stressing for a good two weeks, I ended up with a great idea: I was to be **~the universe~**

That’s right, take notes.

I had planned on it being unquestionably awesome, but because I waited too long, I ended up executing it terribly. By the time I came up with this idea, I could no longer buy the cool glow in the dark constellation shirt and leggings I found online on Etsy (the coolest online store ever), so I ended up wearing all black and sticking star stickers on myself. Needless to say, by the end of the night, they had all fallen off, and I was nothing short of “girl wearing black.” What a revolutionary costume.

Now, it is my freshman year in college and there are certain expectations to meet, the first being that the costume has to be somewhat scanty (no, I cannot wear a banana suit or walk around in a cardboard box as a die… I need to show some skin and curves, bébé).

However, I will not give in to being a “sexy nurse” or “sexy cop.” I have to stay creative. So… let the stressing begin.

by Madeleine Pron

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