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This bag turns your washing machine into a trendy cooking appliance

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He goes on to say, “It can be humorous to think of cooking your food in the washing machine as a new dinner topic, or a Damien Hirst-style restaurant filled with washing machines instead of pills, but humour is not the point. Instead, the Sous La Vie laundry-dinner serves as a reminder of lost homes and (the American) dreams. It offers a deep look at the cultural conditions that determine what products we consume, in this case capitalism and fast food vs socialism and slow food (not to say one is better than the other). The laundry dinner is not intended solely for the homeless, but much rather for us all: a product that reflects on our taste, our economic ability and our culture.” Man, I bet this guy uses Sous La Vie to throw some really intense dinner parties.

Needless to say after all that, Sous La Vie isn’t the kind of “product” that will actually be hitting store shelves anytime soon—regardless of how cool you think it is. But thankfully, a YouTuber who seems a bit more chill gave a nice primer last December on how to sous vide in a dishwasher.

This article originally appeared in Food & Wine by Mike Pomranz.

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