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Ugh, we have some bad news about bath bombs

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We know there’s nothing better than making yourself a homemade spa at the end of a busy day, complete with bubbles and candlelight. But there are some concerns being raised about the effect bath bombs can have on your vagina. Unfortunately, a few experts chatted with SELF.com about how your favorite Lush bath bomb could potentially wreak havoc on your lower half. Listen up before you hop into that bathtub tonight.

According to Michael Cackovic, M.D., ob/gyn at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, there are about 10 to 20 bacteria that live happily in your vag and contribute to a healthy pH level. But those bacteria can easily be disrupted if you let chemicals, fragrances, or unknown ingredients come into contact with your vag. That includes bath bombs.

We’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Jessica Shepherd, M.D., director of minimally invasive gynecology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, told SELF that things like douching or soaking yourself in a tub of bath bombs could mess up the balance of bacteria down there.

“[These changes] create an opportunity for bad bacteria to overtake the vaginal atmosphere and cause an infection,” Dr. Shepherd said.
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