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This Thursday is No Tobacco Day. It’s a day dedicated to bringing awareness to the health issues surrounding tobacco use. Obviously tobacco use is bad, I can’t even begin to describe how many times D.A.R.E. came to my school to convince us not to use drugs, but sometimes people do things they know they shouldn’t.

I know that I probably shouldn’t order more clothes online but I do it anyway. What are some (not so) bad habits you know you should break?

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  1. Worst habit: awkward laughing at all the wrong times. Its just a quirk that I can’t stop. And totally unintentional.

  2. I cut my cuticles and bite them when they get shaggy. I know it’s wrong, but I still do it.

  3. wow, Flor above, I got Gel Nails too! I’d been biting my nails for about 20 years, literally couldn’t stop, got gel nails with tips about 2 months ago, yesterday I got a new set, she removed the tips and I couldn’t believe I was looking down at my REAL nails so long, never seen it, blew my mind, the longest they have EVER been!

  4. June 1st marks 3 months without biting my nails, so I can FINALLY (after over 10 years) scratch that off my bad habits list! Thank goodness for gel nails :)

    So now procrastinating. That’s definitely my absolute worst habit. And I refuse to call something as fun as online shopping “bad”.