Now that it’s August, I’ve begun to see back to school commercials. When I was in school this bothered me, because the thought of going back to classes, having homework and a schedule when I was so free over the summer was daunting. But now, school’s out forever! Although I’m no longer phased by these ads, I can definitely sympathize for those that are. One thing I always looked forward to at the end of Summer was buying school supplies, with a new backpack being my favorite purchase.

For today’s gallery, I thought I would offer up some really interesting and unique takes on the traditional school backpack. If I were going back to school, I think I would definitely want the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle style backpack.


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  1. My fiance has the TMNT one! Coolest preschool teacher ever.

  2. the third ‘spider’ backpack is actually from an episode of Doctor Who called ‘turn left’ it’s a time beetle!

  3. NEED that Turtle Backpack – been lusting after it ever since I saw Jenna Marbles with one! x