Bachelorette Recap Party- Episode 8: Sometimes Your Bar Mitzvah Photo Looks Like A BOP Magazine Cover

Wow. It’s so easy to forget how incredible the “hometown” dates are on the Bachelor/Bachelorette. I’ll never forget the hometowns last season. While nothing really compares to visiting a morgue, last night’s hometowns were pretty entertaining as well.

First stop, Constantine’s home in Atlanta – not exactly the city I’d expect a bunch of crazy Greeks to own an Italian family restaurant in but hey, that’s fine. It looked like Ashley had a lot of fun on this date even though it was kind of what I expected. Constantine, the emperor, makes her a love pizza. Then they eat outside while waitresses crowd around to watch.

Then they go back to the parents house and meet like, every family member they have. Also, we know Ash can dance so it’s no surprise that homegurl picks right up on that Greek circle dance. I want to be in one of those. They throw out cash and no one has to take off any clothes – that’s a great dance.

Overall, I think Ashley likes Constantine’s family but I don’t think she’ll choose him in the end. Maybe she’s threatened that Constantine’s sister has more flip in her hair than she does or perhaps she’s just freaked out by that little white dog.

Next stop, Chadds Ford, PA – Ames’ hometown. I’ll probably never forget the site of Ames riding in that carriage. Ashley’s chats with the mom and sister were typical. I don’t think the sister was really buying that Ames was Ashley’s favorite. Ashley admits that the passion isn’t really there. Ames really likes Ashley a lot but I’m not convinced of his sanity and intelligence when he says Ashely is “so smart”.

The two love birds leave the home to go for a picnic. Pretty sure we see a quick glance of Ames’ blue boxers and then it’s out the door to his favorite magnolia tree. Very romantic.

Ames is an interesting guy. He’s had a rough life with both his father and step-father passing away. He’s very intelligent and I love that he’s a self-proclaimed nerd. I’d really like to see him as the Bachelor. Especially because he’s weird and knows about renaissance love.

Ben’s hometown of Sonoma, CA is third on the list. I was waiting for this one. I like Ben, I like his wine. Ashley likes him too – she thinks he’s sexy, obviously because of his hair, fashion and wine. They have a lovely picnic at the winery. Ashley tells Ben, “I love that this (wine) is yours.” Of course you do, Ash.  Ashley says she wishes that her mother could be there at the winery and Ben tells her that she can visit on holidays. How generous. Ashley really digs into Ben about his father’s death and things get a bit emotional. They have some lame kisses.

Later, Ash finds out that Ben has only ever brought home one girl to meet his mother. Ben’s mom is a lovely lady. I really liked her “meeting Ashley” ensemble. She also seems to have a lot of great advice – totally wise. She tells Ben that his Dad would be proud of him.

As I watched the hometown with Ben, I did a lot of thinking about the wine.  If I was in Ashley’s shoes and knew someone made wine in the group of guys, I think I would have just kicked all the other guys off of the show on week one and turned the show into a wine tasting adventure with Ben. Just the two of us – traveling and tasting. Too bad Ash didn’t think of that.

Instead, she’s off to Long Island to visit JP. JP loves Ash or he’s doing a really good job of pretending he does. He takes Ash to go rollerskating at this rink because it was supposed to rain. They twirl around, kiss, fall and drink wine, all set to the tune of REO Speedwagon’s ‘I Can’t Fight this Feeling Anymore’. (Please watch that music video when you’re done reading- It’s really perfect.)

After rollerskating lovefest, Ash meets the fam. It seems they like her but they are all very concerned that JP is going to get hurt again. They all keep referencing this previous girlfriend that broke his heart. She seems horrible. However, JP is confident in his relationship with Ashley. He thinks they have something that the others don’t with her and he’s willing to risk it all. He’s looking love right in the eyes. That’s pretty bold, JP.

Ashley tells JP’s mom that she’s “smitten” with her son. I almost threw up. Then as they are all hanging out, JP’s mom emerges with a huge blown up photo of JP that could have been the cover of BOP magazine. It was for his bar mitzvah. Naturally. (I might frame this for my wall.)

The hometowns could have been a little juicier overall, but I still enjoyed seeing where some of these guys were from. Ashley definitely picked 4 solid guys to end with. Her decision is therefore a difficult one but she ultimately sends Ames home. Sigh. My favorite forehead – gone. He seems super upset and references how he’s back to going on adventures by himself. Yikes.

Next week looks so good. Ashley takes the last three guys to Fiji! OMG, Ash! Lots of drama. I’m so excited to see Ashley talk to her sister when her family comes to visit. She has mad tattoos and looks like she is the complete total opposite of Ash. She makes Ash cry! Ashley calls her a b*tch. Ugh, sisters! I can’t wait to see how her visit raises the stakes. Also, I’ve gotta say – I don’t think JP is going to win for a couple of reasons (more to come on that next week). Anyone else think JP makes it to the final two, but is sadly ultimately out?


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  • Samantha Tindall

    It’s going to be Ben and JP in the top 2, I don’t think she will pick JP. They have chemistry but he rubs me the wrong way and I think she feels that a little. You could tell when they too those wedding photos and she knew he had been sulking.

  • Jennifer Elston

    I feel like they are setting Ben up to be the Bachelor. Just something about the way they milked the background story and the convo between him and his Mom not really being about Ashley (like most of the others were) but more about him and their family and such.

    I think she’ll pick JP for sure.

    Ugh I hate myself for watching this show every season.

    • Lauren Miller

      I hate myself too. It’s okay.

    • Erin Richardson Smith

      I think we’re all in this self-loathing boat together, guys.

    • Caitlin Fitzgibbons

      This is a safe space.

  • Naomi Prale

    I agree w/ Samantha, I think it’s going to be Ben. My fave family WAS Constantine’s- but he seems to be too good for Ashley so I think he’s going home next (well they all are) but JP doesn’t really do it for me at all. Obviously there is another reason as to why Ben got picked first too. And next week, there seems to be lots of JP drama and him being hesitant.

    And I also would love to see Ames as the new Bachelor!! I think he would be such a good choice!! He is not a typical Bachelor (based on previous seasons) and I think it would be great. I usually only watch the Bachlorette, but I would watch for Ames.

    • Samantha Tindall

      Lol they’re all almost too good for her. I don’t know if it’s the cameras or what but she’s kind of dumb and frivolous. She just seems a bit crazy tbh. Ames is going to be on Backelor Pad though!

    • Samantha Tindall

      of course I meant bachelor 😉

  • Irene Z Hutton

    Your recaps are the best! I enjoy them more than the actual show – very funny!

  • Rachelle Letain

    I completely agree with the comment above. Your recaps are golden.

    I think Ben wins… although if I was Ash I would probably inquire about leaving the show with 3 part time fiancees ’cause they all seem to have some serious upsides.

  • Erin Richardson Smith

    Oh, Ames. I’m going to miss those glassy, wide-set eyes and epic forehead. I feel like Constantine, Ben and Ames are too good for her. JP would be the best match since he’s such a drama monger most of the time, just like our little Ash Ash. I’ll probably watch The Bachelor after this since it’s bound to be more exciting without our favorite cache-loving, emotionless kisser, Ashley.

  • Lauren Miller

    I think that Ben F (as I still lovingly refer to him) will win in the end. I think JP might lose it after she spends the night with Ben F./Constantine and then she has to say goodbye to his crazy ass.

  • Colleen Collins Greene

    Oh my – I still refer to him as Ben F. too! Precious! The overnighters will definitely be the breaking point for JP. Let’s hope he can keep the peace.

  • Ed Woodjr

    Hi.. was wondering why there’s been no mention of the fact that Ames looks like Kevin James if he lost 90lbs…. Ben will win out of the the hair twins.

  • Alexis Brenner

    Poor Ames :( I just watched this with my mom, and we both love him. When he went home, she yelled out “We’ll take you, Ames, you can have my daughter!” haha, anyways, great recap, can’t wait for next week!

  • Jessica Wilson

    I was shocked when Ames called Ashley brilliant. He seemed like a very smart guy (too smart for her) until that came out of his mouth. Her little tics with rubbing her lips together and playing with her hair constantly annoy me. JP is so sexy but I’m really liking Ben. And I am also in the embarrassed I watch this boat. I don’t watch The Bachelor because who wants to see a roomful of girls being snotty and competitive. When it’s hot guys it’s much more entertaining. :)

    • Caitlin Fitzgibbons

      Totally in agreement on how odd it was for Ames to say how smart he finds Ashley.

  • Marisa Asbury

    hmm, i still haven’t predicted a winner, but i feel like JP is kinda creepy. his family acted like he was on suicide watch after his last “break up”. i think he is probably pretty controlling and crazy, so i’d like for him to win,maybe they can balance each other out..i like Ben and Constantine both quite a bit, but i dont feel like Ben’s family really liked her too much, at least, not from what was aired. im not placing bets this time around. next week, looks amazingly awesome, and hopefully won’t be as boring as some of the previous episodes!

  • Lucie Ludmila Macelova Ayres

    great recap and totally agree on Ben winning in the end. ames would be incredible as the bachelor – i feel like that punch in the head did more damage than we realize.

    also when will ash ash stop touching and fixing her bangs?

  • Teri Wasserman

    My first time reading one of your recaps but i enjoyed it! :)
    Usually I read realitysteve’s recaps..although if you are going to read him you have to be warned there are spoilers all over the place on his site. Anyway, I really liked Ames too! I didnt think he’d be a good match for Ashley but apparently he’s dating Jackie Gordon from Brad’s season now? Ugh I hate that I know this….lol I need to stop paying attention to gossip. But yeah as far as the other 3 guys I hope she picks Ben :)

  • Claire Bass

    I think we all know that JP will ultimately be kicked out by Ash. I mean, he doesn’t have those sexy flowing locks like Constantine or Ben. That will be his downfall.

  • Emma Green

    I am pretty proud (lame, right?) to say that I picked out Ben and JP for her from the start. However, I have no clue who she’ll ultimately pick, but I think Ben is probably the better match for her.

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