Bachelorette Recap Party-Episode 6: Ashley Knew the Word Erhu, Respect

I’ll admit it, I set myself up to get hurt in this episode. I did. It’s not my fault. The previews were convincing, but I should have seen past them. I might be selfish, actually I know I’m selfish (ask my sisters), but I wanted more out of Episode 6 than what I got, especially on the Bentley front. Anyway, let’s start at the beginning of this Hong Kong hodge podge.

I think every girl should have Chris Harrison for a friend, advocate, and life coach. I don’t know how anyone can get through a break-up with out the guy. He’s gold. He tells Ash that Bentley has come all the way to Hong Kong to see her. As viewers, this is the moment we had been waiting for. Ashley promises Chris that she’ll leave with no regrets and will “force the details out of his throat.”

Ugh, yeah….so then why do you start the entire Bentley meeting with a kiss? That was a mistake. I would have made that guy explain himself before I locked lips. Not cool Ashley, not cool.

That being said, I’m mad at Bentley for not saying enough rude things. I wanted Ashley to cry for some drama. I did. I mean c’mon this is reality TV. All he does is ask her how the trips have been, touch her legs, and then smile a bunch. You flew all the way to Hong Kong for that Bentley? That’s on you bud.

Bentley and Ash discuss the “dot dot dot” of their relationship and Bentley tells her he wants “them” to end in a “period.” Then he smiles because he’s a jerk. For a second, I thought things were going to get steamy in that room. Especially when Ash says, “You should have called- oh it’s getting hot in here.” It was very soap opera, until it became the lamest thing ever.

In the end, Ashley feels liberated and refreshed. She drops a bunch of f-bombs. She’s ready to move forward. Well, good. It’s about time.

Ashley goes on her first one-on-one with Lucas strolling on the streets of Hong Kong. Lucas has never been to New York City, let alone a major Chinese city like Hong Kong. So, obviously they went to a market. Yeah, if you were watching the episode thinking there might be a pattern to how these dates work. YOU WERE RIGHT.

Date Formula:

Date #1: Go on a one-on-one in whatever Asian country you’re in during the day. Look at some sort of architecture or temple and cruise a market. Ashley to comment on how cute everything is. Try street food.

Date #2: Do something active because Ashley is sporty, flirty and fun. Teach the group date a dance, make them punch each other until one goes to a hospital (LOL), row places. Follow activity with booze, make-outs, and tears.

Date #3: Go on a second one-on-one or a two-on-one, do something romantic at night like look at a skyline, go to a candlelit dinner, and then talk about emotional walls and blocks.

I cracked the code. You’re welcome.

So, true to pattern, Lucas and Ash cruise the market, they go on a fun dinner date, they kiss, and then he gets a rose. Really not the most interesting of dates. Ashley admits that she’s “on her way to finding a husband.” And yeah, I would hope so because it’s Episode 6.

The group date brings more competition with the guys. I thought we figured out with Ames last week that this was a bad idea? Regardless, it’s dragon boat racing in teams of two. Ben F. and Constantine (I loved how the twins ended up on the same team). Ryan P. and Blake. Mickey and Ames.

All the pairs have to go out into Hong Kong and ask random tourists and locals to be on their dragon boat. So awkward. In the end, Mickey and Ames win. Then they all sit on the beach and watch this couple get engaged. Ash thinks it’s meant 2B.

Back at the cocktail party, Ames pulls some sly moves and takes Ashley for a ride on the make-out express- aka this elevator that goes to the 48th floor of the hotel. There are so many mistakes that happen.

A bit later, Ryan P. pulls Ash to the side. He pretty much begs for a one-on-one date and then does this weird sticking his tongue thing which was horrible. You think Ashley is about to say “I don’t think this is working out.” Instead she gives him a rose. ZERO sense.

I was really happy that JP got another one-on-one. It was good for him to get some extra time with Ashley. She is able to open up to him about Bentley and while he looks a little sad, he handles the news pretty well. They end the date by taking a romantic train ride and make out to the tune of a Chinese Erhu. Hot. I know. I think he might be the one!

Finally, after being teased with previews for the entire episode, we get to the rose ceremony. Ashley, undoubtedly wearing another glamorous Caché number, is super excited to tell all the guys that she had been in love with Bentley for a while, but she got closure and is ready to focus on them. This news is NOT well received. Weird right? Each of the guys talk to her about their own personal feelings, many feeling like they had been wasting their time getting to know Ashley. In the end, Mickey leaves.

Ashley feels badly for hurting any of the guys, as she should. She still sends one guy home, fellow dentist Blake. I really have to wonder why he was kept around for so long and why he never got a one-on-one. Regardless, it looks like we’ve got some pretty juicy moments left in the episodes to come. Next stop, The Bachelorette Explores Asia- Taiwan.


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