Baby Lamb Jumping On a Bed

Bambi is a bottle-fed baby lamb who clearly has some pretty chill parents over there at Wind Dancer Ranch. It’s actually a heritage livestock farm, but from the name, I was imagining it was one of those rad places they send youth-at-risk for some tough love by way of ponies and lambs (which is totally my favorite kind of tough love, in case you wondered).

Bambi would be everybody’s number one camp counselor, because she’d probably lead group activity sessions like this one where you all jump on the bed together and giggle and maybe bop heads accidentally, but you’re having so much fun you just squint at the pain for a second and laugh it off. “Good work,” Bambi would tell you (in my fantasy, Bambi can talk… and is also wearing pearls, because she is classy like that, and the wayward youth need a good role model), and then you’d eat messy popsicles and take a nap on the dock and not scratch any of your mosquito bites, and wouldn’t that be the best day? Anyway, bounce a while with Bambi and see if that doesn’t soothe your inner savage beast… even just temporarily. (Video by WindDancerRanch on YouTube)