Baby Girl Born Deaf Hears ‘I love you’ For The First Time

Addison has never been able to hear her parents say, “I love you.” She was born deaf and after researching options, her parents decided a Cochlear implant would her best chance to be able to hear. Local news station, WHAS11, was invited by the hospital and the family to capture the heartwarming moment Addison began to hear:

  • Christine McQuaid

    I’ve seen a couple of these posted here on the HG site. . . In the interest of spreading awareness, I just wanted to point out that this is a widely controversial topic within the Deaf community. If anyone were to be interested in exploring that dynamic, I think it would make for quite an eye-opening read. :)

  • Melissa Kowalewski

    I wasn’t born deaf and neither were my children; however all three of us have sensorineural hearing loss – we think it’s a genetic component. I was so happy to get hearing aids and my kids have hearing aids – I love being able to talk to them and tell them I love them. I also am happy that they have hearing aids – I truly don’t want them to struggle, as I did, with hearing loss that was undiagnosed. Life is already hard enough.

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