Awesome 4th Grade Boy Crushes Class Dance Routine, Wins Hearts Everywhere

There’s not a lot to say here that this video of some group of fourth graders somewhere in the world that are referred to on their YouTube channel and apparently in real life as the “international class” doing a dance routine to ‘Beat Control’ by Tilly and the Wall doesn’t say for itself.

Don’t ask me how I found this video. I go down some weird dark Internet paths. Forget the questions about where this video might of came from and who these people really are and just keep your eyes on my buddy in the black tank top.

I mean, after watching this three times, not only am I going back for a forth but I want to watch a documentary on this kid. I want a documentary, then a publicity tour and, in ten years from now, when he’s living with his husband Miles, who is 21 years his senior, in a McMansion in Arizona, I want him to independently release a Christian album.

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