I am definitely a fall kind of girl. This is truly my season to shine in, one it’s safe to say I live for. For as long as I could remember, September, October and November were the dream team of autumn months to me. Growing up, September signified the start of the school year where I could wear my plaid school uniform skirt and hang out at the library in my neighborhood reading old, weathered books. October was wadding through crunchy leaves, my birthday month that also served as an early Halloween celebration with orange frosting cupcakes. And November was all about stuffing my face with Thanksgiving eats and walking everywhere with my trusty fuzzy scarf and bright red trench coat protecting me from the chill outside.

I still do most of the things I just mentioned today as a semi-adult (except wearing the school uniform – that would be weird). The great thing about autumn is that no matter how old you get, it’s a season that won’t turn on you. You know what I mean. Winter, when we were kids, meant snow days and heaps of holiday presents. When you grow up, you still have to go to work, no matter how crusted with ice the streets are outside and depending on your budget, one of your friends are gonna get regifted for the holidays. Autumn is magical, but with the kind of magic that has spooky overtones and the kind of change in the air that is seldom seen in other seasons.

Um, okay, Martha Stewart Living much, Heather?

Here’s why the fall season is my kind of season.

Opaque Tights, Oxfords, and Trench Coats, Oh My!

Oh my, yes! Ever since summer reared its sweaty, cutoffs head at me this year, I have literally been counting down the days to when I could retire my light clothing pieces in favor of outerwear and scarves. My wardrobe is primarily black, ivory and gray with some jewel tones and red thrown in for good measure. But during the summertime, it kills me to wear without dripping from sweat. Autumn is cool enough to allow for all of my favorite pieces to make their comebacks – my heavy coats, pencil skirts, thick stockings and Oxford heels are all happy to be back out getting some sidewalk action with me again. Even if the day turns from chilly to warm in the afternoon (which it has been lately, you stop that right now LA), I still dress for the season. Think cool thoughts and it’ll get cool out, right?

This is also a good time of year for my skin, which is normally quite pale but during the summer gets a little bit, dare I say, infused with color. I don’t look too sun-kissed, but I don’t look like I just rolled out of a coffin either and I generally prefer the coffin look. Autumn temps bringing back sleeves and pants help me to get back to my vampy roots in no time.

“Consume All the Pumpkin Flavored Things!”

Pumpkins themselves are great whether carved or still on the vine branch, but I love eating pumpkin food. Pie, bread, cupcakes and of course, the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, for which I feel like I’ve created a holiday budget specifically for. Have I been sticking to it? That’s not the point. The point is that during this time of the year I find myself indulging in a number of pumpkin flavored goodies that make autumn taste like autumn and it is all with love. I do the same thing with apple pie and sparkling apple cider too – those two are basically Thanksgiving in a nutshell to me. Eating this kind of food any other time of the year makes me feel like I’m betraying the holidays so I leave it to autumn only.

Cool Weather ‘n Bundling Up

Nothing beats a lazy October Sunday wrapped up like a burrito in piles of toasty warm blankets, reading a book (or Kindle) and leaving the window open ajar just slightly enough for the cool breeze and scent of the leaves burning outside to come in and envelope you up. I never sleep better than during autumn nights.  I really hope you didn’t just read this at work, because now you probably want to go home and nap the day away, don’t you? What I love about autumn is that the weather keeps me both perky and sleepy all at once. This isn’t like summer where I take a sweaty exhaustion nap or winter where I run home just to get warm, never mind asleep.

Soup! (And Hot Drinks!)

Alright now summer, you need to get going and get outta here because I have waited far too long to get my bread bowl action on. This autumn, I’m going to go all out on the hot beverage front too – tea, hot chocolate, lattes and cider. All of the above to warm my chilly bones, ASAP. Same goes for you too, soup, and your buddy grilled cheese. In other news, I’ll probably be putting on what my best friend kindly refers to “as the winter layer” of weight too. That’s what the coat is for, people, nobody ever looked bad bundled up in layers!

Halloween & Horror Movie Marathons

And by horror movies I do mean horror movies of all kinds, from classic to recent, but mostly all of the Halloween films I grew up on like Hocus Pocus, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and that one episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 where Kelly wore the slutty vampire Elvira dress. Plus frequent visits to the Target Halloween aisle where for the first time in the entire year, I have a sudden and overwhelming yearning to buy out all the paper napkins, stuffed ghosts, dry ice machines and black rose bouquets to hang on your door.  Seriously, it’s like I black out and come to with over $50 missing from my bank account but a sea of fun-size Twix bags in a heap by my bedroom door. I do love Halloween though, very much. Getting dressed up as someone else, free candy and general mischief and merriment all in the night exclusively – why doesn’t it happen more times a year?

Oh yeah, autumn is definitely calling my name.