Ada Ruzer
Ada (pronounced like PRADA) Ruzer lives in Oakland and and loves all the crazy that comes with it. She is fantastic at remembering pointless facts and hopes to kick it with Alex Trebeck on Jeopardy one day. You can most often find her roaming the aisles of whole foods, falling off her bike, or infusing conversations with corny puns.
Posts By Ada Ruzer
  • Just Trying to Function

    You’ve read the statistics – millions of Americans struggle with some sort of phobia/anxiety/OCD problem. The symptoms are discussed on the medical…

    Ada Ruzer
  • An Ode To GIRLS

    With the next season of Girls imminently upon us, it seems that the entire 20+ fixie ridin’-mason jarrin’-organic lovin’ while cigarette smokin’…

    Ada Ruzer

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