Are You Too Old For a Roommate?

Would you prefer to live with a roommate or live alone? I guess, it depends on like, everything. I mean, when you break it down, life is a little different then it used to be when our parents were growing up. And their parents. And, well, their parents. Times have changed, along with lifestyle choices. What used to be a 10 cent burger is now $6.75 but (and I quote) “so worth it”.  And, when you were about 18-24, you used to be married off into a family and had your own place. Now, we are pushing 30 or 40 before we are financially and mentally capable of slapping that rent check down solo.

Call it the job market. Call it our inability to commit. Call it whatever you like, just make sure you understand a roommate, if done properly, isn’t necessarily an embarrassing thing. Now, there is the occasional “he sleeps all day on the couch. He’s always late with rent. She drinks my orange tang straight out of the carton” kind of roomie, and then there is a great friend, companion and all-around person in the flesh that keeps you from being outwardly bored when you get in from your day.

A lot of people would prefer to live alone. I can see that. I, however, am not one of them. I don’t do plants. I’m not a dog person. I like people. Human people that I can laugh with and cry with, too. Something people would prefer not to do in front of anyone at all. Whether you want to believe it or not, this roommate trend is here to stay… unless of course you are one of the few that nab that PowerBall lottery ticket winner or score a sweet job after college. For the rest of you/us, get ready to split that cable bill and fight over who used up the hummus.

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