Champagne Problems

Are you a good judge of character?

You say that you are. People tell you you are. But, like, are you really a good judge of character? Think about it. You are friendly, fun and outgoing, so naturally people are drawn to you and the energy you put out. Yet you can’t nail down either a solid group of friends or more, a mate that you can adopt different ethnic babies with because you judge their character wrong.

I have recently found that no matter how much I preach to the world that I have a solid nose to sniff out the good people of the universe, it turns out in the initial stages of meeting someone I am so blindsided by the excitement of a new human blood in my pool that I disregard the signs that they may not be the person for me to be acquainted with. Or more, that in due time, they will mold to be the person for me but for now, I should steer clear. Little momma gets these immediate friend crushes on people in the first go around of shaking a person’s hand. It’s not my fault, I genuinely enjoy people.

Then it turns out they aren’t compatible with the message of life you are putting out there. They are sad or bring crazy neg game or have a ton of baggage you can’t exactly carry atop of your own. But you’ve immersed yourself, so is it okay to pull back now? I say, yes. Absolutely.

Warning signs that the character of another person might be a ‘no no’ for your character are that they speak poorly of others, they go from happy to dark, they want specific things from you and when they don’t get it, they go cold and, in the end, they toy with your head. That’s a tough one. But, if you are able to recognize early that they may be a square peg to your circle peg, you can dip out and maintain civility and hopefully down the line as you tip toe on eggshells through each other’s lives, who knows, maybe you’ll be a solid fit for besties or adoption for cute, ethnic babies.


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