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Apps that would make great game shows


I know, I know. Tinder is a dating app, not a game. But think of all the amazing dating shows of yore! It’s supposed to be an “anonymous” app, but this is my fantasy game show world and isn’t dating sometimes like a game anyways? Tinder seems to make it feel that way. If you don’t think so, you might want to check out the smart and hilarious writer/comedian Lane Moore. She’s created a comedy show in Brooklyn called “Tinder LIVE,” and it has all the addictive, fun qualities of a television game show. One of her show’s segments include going through Tinder profiles with the audience to come to a vote on whether to swipe left or right. This could be this generation’s version of The Dating Game. A contestant could have the audience help narrow down her choices to three Tinder dates and go out with each of them. Clips from each could be played for the audience, and they can vote which one deserves a second date. The other two can win the consolation prize of tips on how to improve their Tinder profiles. Swipe right if you’d watch this!

Download the app here.

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