Apocalypstick's '90s Mix Tape!

Making a mix tape of any era is a tricky business. Do you go with the hits? The songs you enjoyed at the time? Or the songs that you enjoy now? I combined all three. When I started making this mix, I had 32 songs and that’s a few too many. Narrowing it down was hard. The Internet can be very angry about its beloved ’90s music, no sarcasm intended! Here’s what I finally decided on:

1. ‘Hey Sandy’ — Polaris. Also known as the kick-ass theme from The Adventures of Pete and Pete. Iggy Pop once appeared on this show and called someone a stooge. GET IT?

2. ‘Alright’ — Supergrass. Also known as, “Hey what commercial is this song from?”

3. ‘Sexx Laws’ — Beck. Remember when Austin Powers was popular? It reminds me of this. I miss the 90s times when the fun 60s were in, not like the dirty hippie 60s of today.

4. ‘Doo Wop (That Thing)’ — Lauryn Hill. We all know what “that thing” is at this point, right?

5. ‘Wonderwall’ — Oasis. I’m going to try this out at karaoke some time.

6. ‘Lovefool’ — The Cardigans. The Cardigans don’t care ’bout anyone but you, T/F?

7. ‘Show Me Love’ — Robyn. Really excited that Robyn made a comeback because this song is killer.

8. ‘Semi-Charmed Life’ — Third Eye Blind. DO DO DO AH DO DO DO DO DO DO DO AH DO DO DO DO!

9. ‘Bitch’ — Meredith Brooks. Remember in What Women Want when Mel Gibson sang this while shaving his legs? I do… I do. (Said in the same tone as the frightened patient who shot Bruce Willis in the beginning of The Sixth Sense.)

10. ‘The Way’ — Fastball. There was a rumor going around that this song was based on an urban legend about a family who got lost on a road trip and vanished. That rumor was started by me in summer camp.

11. ‘Closing Time’ — Semisonic. They’re not fully sonic, keep in mind. Only semi.

12. ‘Crush’ — Jennifer Paige. She sang this song on Beverly Hills, 90210. Comment if you remember that episode. I hope it was one where David got angry and Dylan got sad and Brandon died.

13. ‘Take A Bow’ — Madonna. I made up a great dance move to this song. You stand against a wall and slide down slowly, sobbing.

14. ‘Always Be My Baby’ — Mariah Carey. I made up a real dance to this with my friend and then we performed it in front of our moms. They taped it. God help the person who finds that tape. Seven days.

15. ‘I Want It That Way’ — The Backstreet Boys. WHAT WAY DO YOU WANT IT, BACKSTREET BOYS? What way? What way do you never wanna hear us say?

16. ‘How Bizarre’ — OMC. This song reminds me of Cake. The band and the food. More like the food. I like food.

17. ‘New’ — No Doubt. “Don’t let it gooooooo away this feelin’ has got to stay.” That’s pretty much why that song is in here, that part right there.

18. ‘Flagpola Sitta’ — Harvey Danger. My friend Kelly and I once sang this at karaoke and people lost their minds. One guy climbed up on a speaker. A speaker. 

19. ‘Wannabe’ — Spice Girls. I mean how could I not?

20. ‘You Oughta Know’ — Alanas Morisette. This is my karaoke song, true story. 90s songs are great for karaoke now.

21. ‘The Sign’ — Ace of Base. What is this sign? Is it an actual sign? A sign that says “Life is demanding without understanding?” Or is more like a stop sign? Is it metaphorical? Can someone help, I can’t even–

22. ‘Sex & Candy’ — Marcy Playground. This is probably a great song to sing to at Karaoke, wearing sunglasses, with a glass of whiskey in hand. Try it, report back.

23. ‘Drops of Jupiter’ — Train. I think this is one of the best pop songs ever written. COME AT ME. Come at me with sticks. The lyrics are pretty awful, but the whole swooping nature of the song is just lovely. And two words: key change (did the wind sweep you off your feet!).

24. ‘You Get What You Give’ — New Radicals. So happy that this song is making the rounds on Turntable.fm. Everyone loves it, as well they should. Am I going to suggest that you karaoke this baby? Of course. Be good to it. Be tender. Hold it like a little kitten and whisper to it. Don’t drop it. It’s too precious. Wait, what?

P.S. Karaoke.

Listen to “My Classic 90s” by Apocalypstick

Featured image via Emily.

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