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APOCALYPSTICK/Gumdrop Lane Halloween Special

There is a grand tradition in television of Halloween specials. A Halloween special might deviate entirely from the usual story arc of a television series. It might be a spoof on horror film, or multiple horror films. Characters might get murdered or play famous figures in horror history. It will most definitely include your favorite characters in wacky costumes.

Take me and Almie, for example. We usually appear separately, in our own videos doing our own thing. But for special occasions we get it together big time. When it happens, it’s more magical than when the Flinstones met the Jetsons, and that was pretty much the best thing that ever happened on television. We wear festive outfits. We dance festive dances. In 2009, we truly put the “special” in C-mas Special. This year we’re bringing our unique flavor of spooktacularity to Halloween. This is what my post last week was all leading up to.

I present to you the Apocalypstick/Gumdrop Lane Halloween Special.

Other Halloween specials and/or costumes that stick in my mind include:

Freaks and Geeks – Their costumes are superb.

Boy Meets World  – Look at Topanga kneeling over dead Feeny. Everybody ends up dead eventually and it’s just oh so much fun!

SNL Vincent Price Halloween Special – Who doesn’t want to see Jon Hamm as JFK doing some boob honking? Liberace and Judy Garland are there, too. So you know it’ll be a happy Halloween!

Friends – This is a classic Halloween episode not to be missed, mostly on account of Ross being dressed as doody.

30 Rock – Another case of outstanding costumes.

The Office – It always delivers on the wacky costume front when Halloween rolls around.

Lizzie McGuire  – Yes, I’m pulling out Lizzie McGuire, simply because I loved Lizzie McGuire in all its terrible glory. Plus, that kid’s inside-out boy costume is pretty cool.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horor – There are simply too many classic episodes to single out just one. Springing to mind at this moment? The Shining take-off: The Shinning.

These are just some of the few Halloween episodes that jump to mind – what are some of your favorites? Well, I know one what of them is going to be: the APOCALYPSTICK/Gumdrop Lane Halloween Special. Happy Halloween!

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