Answers Re: #WTFWasYouThinking

A number of generous individuals recently took to Twitter to ask me, directly, what I was thinking. So, without further ado…

Kendra, you bring up a good point. We all know that you are omniscient, but sometimes we forget. Apologies.

I am not directly in charge of the frequency and time at which school happens. But maybe I can help; I think there’s an opportunity for compromise here. Perhaps contact your school board and ask if they can make it four times a week, starting at 8:30. Is that better? Maybe get a petition going. You know, strength in numbers.


 I thought it was okay because I have an excellent immune system and unusually cold blood.


It’s fun to confuse other people. If they see “Matt” tattooed on my forehead, they might think my name is Matt and address me as such. And then I tell them that’s not my name, and we have a good laugh about it.

It’s entirely for her own well-being. It has nothing to do with me.


 Allow me to answer that question with a question. What makes you think I don’t have swagg?


Look, ImDa, I took your phone by accident, and I said I was sorry. I knew your password because you had it written on a post-it that was stuck on the back of the phone. So if you don’t want people going through your phone, don’t leave it on the table for everyone to see with your password like, right there. Seems, to me, that perhaps you were the one who wasn’t thinking. Am I wrong?