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Thousands upon thousands of men took to Twitter demanding answers from ladies. As I, myself, am a lady, I have pulled a few select questions that begged addressing.

Great question, Dark. The thing about short dresses is that we don’t know exactly what we’re trying to achieve by wearing them. If I had to take an educated guess, I’d say that perhaps the type of attention you’re referring to isn’t the type of attention we want, i.e. when I wear something that I think is cute, I want a guy to think it’s cute and, perhaps, approach me and tell me that, NOT yell at me from across the street.

Sorry, DeOntae, but I’m answering your question, disproving your entire theory. #LadiesWeWantAnswers is trending because some of your male counterparts want, as they’re saying very explicitly, answers from us females.

The reason for that, Wendys, is that we don’t trust other females that we don’t know. But we do know that we’re not about to make a move on any of our male friends. I am, however, only speaking from my own perspective.

We do want paying. I was told there was going to be paying…

Yes. Yes, we do.

Well, Aylinde, while feeling comfortable is very important in relationships, some people also tend to want a significant other who’s going to challenge them to become a better person. That’s where the phrase “you complete me” comes from. Also, yin and yang.

That wasn’t a question, but you win!

  • Anonymous

    lol hilarious!

  • Lauren Nespoli

    My response to the first, third, and fourth questions: Why you can’t use the word “do” in your questions? Why you think it sounds better your way? (Sorry, that’s just the grammar nerd part of me talking there!). lol, but really, I like this post! It’s interesting to ask a question on Twitter and then talk about some of the answers here!

    • Rachel Hastings

      I totally agree. The grammar usage was atrocious in most of the questions. And thanks!

  • April McLean

    HAH! love this!

  • Andrea Maramara


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